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Add lead inbox to mobile App!

Can you please add the lead inbox to the mobile app, I prefer to start my workflow from there and move to "lead in/Deals" once contact has been made, having easy access to Lead inbox like you do with Deals would make life so much easier.


"Caller ID from incoming Calls" does not work if phone is locked

Hello everyone,

In my Android phone, I have set up the preference "Caller ID from incoming Calls" in my Pipedrive App,  to receive contact info from incoming calls.

When I receive an incoming phone call on my Android (OnePlus Nord), if my phone is unlocked I get that contact info.

However, if my phone is locked, I do not get any pipedrive info. This is very annoying because usually when I get an incoming call, my phone is locked; so the feature of Caller ID from incoming calls is kind of useless.

Just to be safe, I have removed the battery control from Android, so the app should not be getting killed in the background. 


  • Am I doing something wrong?
  • Are there any workarounds? Like using another system (I'd rather avoid a VoIP system)?
  • Would this work on iPhone?

Kind regards,

Inaki Crespo

Director of Product & Software @

Appstore version changelog does not change for months!

I want to give you feedback on the descriptions of your app versions in Apple AppStore: it’s a shame you keep having the same description for months! Your customers (me!!) deserve to understand what the changes are. It’s not a good sign to hide what you change from your customers.

Show Leads on Map


Our outside sales process involves personal visits to leads.  However, there is no way to use the "nearby" mapping feature for leads.  Mobile only has mapping available for Organization, People and Deals to map.  This means that we will need to create a full org/person record for the hundreds or thousands of leads in our target territories.  Is there a reason that Leads are left out of the show on map feature? 

No Leads Map Option
No Leads Map Option