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Do you have any thoughts or questions about the Pipedrive mobile app? Or maybe an expert tip that you would like to share with other mobile app users?

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Sync Recurring Meetings with Mobile App

Recurring meetings are currently synced to the web application but not mobile. If I'm syncing, I expect to see all my meetings synced on both web and mobile.

Hi everybody. For people using iPhone, dont you think its inconvenient to manual logging for incoming call? Or you all have any workaround?

I bought android phone purposely to install pipedrive on it. Im aware that Android apps can automatically logging both incoming & outgoing calls. Thats awesome for me because i work as property consultant. Lots incoming & outgoing calls happened on daily basis.

So, next year i would love to buy iPhone to replace my Google Pixel as im currently using iPad & Mac as my setup. I know that iOS limitations for automatic logging calls. 


The question is, how other pipedriver that use iPhone on daily basis logging their incoming and outgoing calls? Happy to hear your comments 😄

Voted for Phone number, my fingers hurt after a while.

Not aware of one time anyone has instant messaged a prospect by us. Phone, email, maybe on occasion text message.