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Planned: more features in Leads Inbox 📥

As we continue to fine-tune and expand Leads Inbox's capacities (see this post), there are still things up our sleeve that we want to bring you over the course of the following months, such as...

  • Custom fields
  • Selectable columns
  • Bulk actions
  • Exporting Leads
  • Email integration
  • Calling integration
  • Leads in the mobile app
  • Leads Insights
  • Leads included in Workflow Automation

As you can probably tell, we've been hearing your feedback and taking notes. 😉

Learn more about Leads Inbox from our Knowledge Base and our Academy.

Pro tip: Join our Research and Beta Testing channel for the chance... (More)

Leads Inbox improvements for users in all plans! 📥

From now on, all new leads have to be linked to a contact (either an existing one or a new one is automatically created), similar to how all deals have to be linked to a contact.

🤔 Why the change?

  • You can now add a Lead from an existing Contact and track the contact history
  • Importing Leads with your Contacts? They will now be linked.
  • Contacts created from Leads are included in your Contact Sync (on web app and mobile)
  • Simplifies syncing marketing tools with Pipedrive
  • No more concerns about having 3 places to store contacts in Pipedrive (Leads... (More)
Octavio Yoshio Hozawa
Executivo de Vendas do Mercado Livre

PIX, Pagamento Instantâneo: Como funciona?

Ring Central and Mobile App on iOS


Currently using Pipedrive for everything and loving it! We're to a point where we need a phone solution as well and my team is 100% mobile and most the users are using iPhones. We currently use ring central but, I'm not attached to it if we can find a solution to make this work. The goal is for my users to keep their existing phone and me be able to install a 3rd party application (like Ring Central) and track all calls and texts, inbound and outbound. Currently, I can go into the Pipedrive app on iOS and choose... (More)