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Adding a guest to an activity - unable to use subdomains from iOS apps

Hi team

We have an issue when adding a guest to an activity.

If we enter a basic email address (such as there is no issue:

However if the user has a subdomain (or two level top domain such as or the option to select the guest disappears:

We have only come across this issue in iOS apps (iPhone and iPad) - web interface functions correctly.

Has anybody encountered this, or know of a workaround?

Thanks in advance,


Manage/Convert Leads in iOS App

Wish there was a way to manager my leads in the mobile version of Pipedrive. You can't even convert a lead to a deal. Being on the go and taking calls is important and being able to easily convert a lead to a deal if a call comes in would be super helpful.

Deal Label field

Is it really not possible to apply or change the deal label field on mobile or am I missing something? 

Translation Mistake: Wrong date format in the Korean version of Pipedrive App


I'd like to report a translation mistake for the date format in the Korean version of Pipedrive App.

According to the Korean date and time notation, Koreans expect to suffix a day with a unit '일' but Pipedrive app didn't follow this notation: 

1. Black Arrow:  each date format ends with '건', which is a unit for the tasks.

2. Magenta Arrow: each date format ends without '일'

This is the first page of Pipedrive app, but such a poor translation may give a bad impression to potential Korean customers.