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AlmonzerPipedrive Employee
User Experience Product Manager @ Pipedrive

Augmenting Activity List - Join the Beta test!

Bring LINKED Deal/Person/Organisation to your Activity List and take actions without leaving your context
All that with our new Contextual Views!

All Users All Plans
 Join this channel in our community or mention your interest with a comment
Deadline to join: 13 NOV 
Testing starts: 16 Nov 23rd November 
Conditions: Be on the New Navigation 

AlmonzerPipedrive Employee
User Experience Product Manager @ Pipedrive

New: Hovercards in the New Navigation! 🧭

Available to all users in all plans who are already using the New Navigation:

  • Hover over a Deal/ Person/ Organisation/ Owner and see details and take actions, without leaving your List or Detail view.
  • In case you want to change the stage of a deal, get contact information, or know the owner of a deal, all that can be done by hovering over the Deal title, Person, or Organisation name, no need to jump between pages or lose the focus of your current view!

🧑‍🏫 Learn all about our new navigation system here: New Pipedrive Navigation

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UI feedback

OK so the new navigation is great. I like it way better.


however one thing that me and my whole team always get extremely frustrated with is the icons on the side panel.

this person/calendar/calculator icon is confusing
this person/calendar/calculator icon is confusing

the icon for people/organizations aka contacts is NOT clear. All of us think it looks more like a calendar than a person standing next to half a building.

its a SMALL issue, but man is it annoying to constantly click the contacts icon for the calendar.