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Neue features
Neue features
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Simon Schoop
Managing Director, enabling digital change and innovation

I have a feature request: Save filters in Prospector. I absolutely need this to be able to work with Prospector in a time efficient way. Who agrees?

I work with Prospector to identify potential customers. However we have a lot of different personas, that we use in order to identify matching potential customes. Therefore, I would urgently need the possibility to SAVE the filters I set along with a name that I can give that filter. Anyone else here with the same need? It´s a shame that I have to do screenshots for my filter settings in order to revert to that later when finetuning the filter - that´s a massive downside of the current prospector setup which I LOVE otherwise. 

Feature request: allow a special field in each Deal to be viewable from the Pipeline view of the Deals page

The use case is as follows:

My org has added a "TL;DR" field to Deals, and every deal must have a 1-3 sentence summary of the latest deal status in this field. One sentence is preferable.

My feature request is to have this one, special field be viewable from the Pipeline view of the Deals page, instead of forcing us to drill down into each Deal's page just to read a single sentence. Pipedrive is not a fast tool and this can get quite tiresome.

Some thoughts on implementation:

My preference would be to have this optional special field print... (More)

Bonjour à tous. J'essaie de connaitre le détail précis des abonnements

Salut, actuellement dans ma quatorzaine d'essai, je ne trouve pas le nombre de contacts autorisés avec le plan Essential. Y a t il de la doc qui me permettrait de me projeter ? Merci pour votre aide :) 

Client addresses

I can’t seem to find a way for a client address to open directly into maps! I would love this feature...especially in the mobile app.  I would sync my contacts to my address books...but I have iCloud and that only syncs one direction. So when I’m on the road traveling to clients/projects...I have to copy/paste into maps. 😢