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Nicereply allows you to gather feedback while the interaction is still fresh in customer's mind. As soon as your deal is won or lost your contact will receive an automated survey. You'll see the feedback directly in the rated deal, complete with numerical value and comment.

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Nicereply offers a quick way to gather feedback about customer interaction.

Check out how the Nicereply solution could help your customer relations and tag @Lenka Brozmanová with any questions you may have.

New Pipedrive integration - Nicereply

👋 I would love to let you know about the new Pipedrive integration - Nicereply. Let's find out what your clients think about your sales! 🚀

It allows you to measure customer satisfaction (CSAT, NPS, CES) with your sales process and deal management.

If you won or lost a deal, you can find out what makes your prospects satisfied or dissatisfied with your current sales process. Your sales team can use a simple one-click survey to gather actionable feedback. Collected insights will help you detect bottlenecks in the process and take appropriate actions or coach the sales reps.

If you’re curious what are some of the use cases to know how satisfied your prospects are (e.g. after the consultancy or the demo, after the resolution of the concerns, after the onboarding process) or about the integration in general, please let me know, I’d love to chat with you about it. I'll expect your questions in comments or in my mailbox 🙂