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Private Notes, only visible to the author.

The Birthday field post by Melissa Lautenbach got me thinking about this.  I record a lot of personal details about my clients on my phone, rather than in pipedrive due to GDPR issues. Things such as family life, home area, married, kids, school, sport interests etc. It allows for a richer conversation when we are chatting. I would like to record this in the contact notes in pipedrive, but would only be able to do so if I could mark the note as private.

Anyone else have this issue?

Export of "Notes" field

Hello all,

Could you please advise me how to export "Notes" field in Pipedrive. Among the fields available in the list view I can't find this field.


Como eu exporto as notas do pipe sem aparecer erros?

Estou extraindo alguns dados da base de dados mas aparecem assim no excel:



<div><b>Resgate</b><br>RT TFN 23 - Liquidação: <b>01/02/2009</b><br> <span>- Liquidação:</span> <b>02/09/2009</b><br>RT Quatar <span>- Liquidação:</span> <span><b>conf</b></span><br><br><b>Alocar</b><br>LTN23</div>"

Não gostaria de extrair os dados com os <> e nem com as letras no meio


Multi-player note-taking via Google Docs displayed natively in the timeline

Our organization frequently has multiple folks working on any given deal due to the scope of technical-design that our sales-org provides. This means that a sales-discovery call might have 2 folks on it at the same time. Of note; Our org uses our Google accounts to logon to PipeDrive

As the ultimate deal-owner, I'd like the ability to use the simultaneous editing features of a Google Doc to take 'multi-player' notes that are then fully represented in the PipeDrive timeline.

To provide greater clarity to this request I could see this being implemented as an 'embedded' mini-Google-Docs editor inside of... (More)