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New: Note Scanner for Android mobile app live this week! ✍️ 📲


For those who like to take notes with pen and paper, Note Scanner allows you to transcribe your handwritten notes or print documents into Pipedrive!


  1. Click the Notes Scanner button in any Note view in the mobile app.
  2. Take a picture of your writing/printed text.
  3. Notes Scanner will detect the text and insert it into the note. Like magic!

Depending on your handwriting and your phone's camera, it may be more or less accurate for different people.

❓I'm very curious to know how it works for you, so let me know by leaving a comment in this post... (More)

Feedback on a Hackathon Idea (If it wins, we can build it in PD) 💡❗

Hi, I am Ambar, Product Manager at Pipedrive.

We are working on a cool idea for Hackathon in Pipedrive. Our idea is called client portal. Basically, salespeople or account managers can share files, notes, documents or invoices with their client. And clients can create an account in PD and see all the communication.

Clients can also leave a note, upload documents or schedule a call with a salesperson. A place for salesperson and clients to collaborate. Any feedback, ideas and suggestions are welcome.

❗You can comment here with your ideas or can schedule a video call with me until... (More)

Martin Pecha
Growth Manager at COGVIO

Smarter pin note in deals/organisations

So here is the thing - we have lot of meetings with companies - this creates a lot informations. That brings a lot of great insights. However, notes are piling and diminish in timeline. 

It would be great to have one smart "pin note" where I could write all insights, notes or keywords with links to specific notes. 

How do you download notes?

Again, many of my deals are long cycles with a lot of activity during that cycle. I have used notes in Pipedrive but the problem is sometimes I need to share or reference my notes. If I am sharing my notes with others outside of my small one person company there is no way I can see to do this. Is there a way I am missing to download or share notes with others?

This also goes back to being able to search within a particular deal being a crucial missing feature. Because of the lack of this, I am... (More)