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Handschriftliche Notizen erfassen

Hallo zusammen, ich möchte gerne handschriftliche Notizen mit dem iPad machen. Hierzu gab es vor ca 2 Wochen eine Mail von PD, dass dies nun als neue Funktion implementiert ist. Bei mir funktioniert es leider nicht, kann mir jemand sagen wie ich das aktivieren kann? Vielen Dank. 

Laura Maier
Sales Operations Manager

Bulk Upload and Pin Notes to the Top



I can bulk upload notes, which is great! But how can I make sure these important notes are getting pinned to the top of the Organisaion, Deal or Contact?


Thank you!



Notes and List-View Columns in Deals

When viewing Deals in list view...

..., there is a gear on the right side of the screen that allows me to select what columns I can display and sort for each deal (Activities to do, Contact person, Creator, Deal Closed on... etc).

There is no way to view/sort the number of notes on any given deal, but it would be nice if there were.

WIthin a Deal there is already a display of how many notes have been entered on it:

Being able to add this value allows us to easily include this as a measurable activity. Our team... (More)


What is the best way to see all the notes from a prospect's contact area in their deals?

Add a lead > contact created > add a deal. Notes from contact are not syncing over to deal. Should they sync automatically? I am having to look at the prospects "contact" file to read notes then back to deal.