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Things I miss in Pipedrive: Linking persons to Notes

It would be very helpful if it were possible to link persons to notes. Frequently, a deal note contains a summary of a meeting. Complex deals may require multiple meetings with various people in an organization. I would like to keep track of who participated in which meetings. This would make it easier to understand the way various people are involved in decision making and what they already know about the deal/product/etc.

Ideally, it would be better to have a special entity - Meeting Minutes with participants and planned actions (automatically added to calendar).

Pull in Notes into custom filters

We have lots of information in the Notes field that users would like to pull in as a column when creating filters. Any plans to add Notes in as a filter option? Curiously, I've seen it in some Pipedrive helpdesk engineers it seems possible for insiders.

@Josh Monifi 

Josh Monifi
Senior Customer Engagement Specialist

Bringing Notes into List view and Search

I am wondering if there are plans to...

  • bring Notes into a column in List view (to be able to view & export notes) and to filter by text within notes
  • find text within a note when typed into Search

I know that is is not best practice to rely on Notes to capture important information that could be listed and filtered using Fields, but there is a user that relies on Notes and would like to make them more functional. Thanks!

Suzanne Van de Ven
Digital Content Strategist

Mailigen and Pipedrive Best Practices

So I purchased Mailigen a couple of months ago and am really struggling to get started mainly due to our data and lack thereof data to use.

I've spent a couple of weeks just looking at the data and identifying new fields that I can use in Mailigen in the future for better personalization. However, now I'm finding that the framework or my original plan may not work. Here are some questions I have.

1.) Is the best way of setting up for successful marketing communications to create a master list by creating a filter in Pipedrive and using that... (More)