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Till Jaeger
VP of Sales Engineering

Link a note to deal after it has been created on org level?

Is there any way to link an existing note that had originally been created on organisation level to a deal other than copy / paste the content into a new note? 


Making Mentions in Notes

Hi !

In our case a user is owner of the contact and owner of the deal.

Me as an Admin wanted to create a note with mentioning the employee. In Our case we need to hide the organisation details. 

So in this case we cant mention a user altough he is owner of both, contact and deal. he hast to be at least follower of the organisation aswell. maybe we can change that

Problem with notes not saved

I sometimes forget to save notes upon leaving a contact's page. 

I have requested that Pipedrive develop a default whereby they are saved automatically.

Does anyone have a workaround that will help out this forgetful person?

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have,

Marjorie Saulson

#Asking for Advice, #Saving Notes