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Edit the date of Notes after posting it in Deal


Be able to edit the date of the note so it fits into the timeline of the deal accordingly (image 1)

Or even better would be the ability to edit the date by clicking on it (top left) and you're immediately able to edit it in the pop up (like you can with Deal names - image 2)

Email Tracking

Workflow automation needs a lot of work. I'd like to be able to use it to update a deal's fields "on deal update". As it stands, sending an email or editing a note related to a deal, even through the deal window, does not count as updating the deal. This makes no sense to me, it should update when anything about the deal is edited or updated, including emails or notes.

Parse Natural Language To Accelerate Activity Creation

I have a suggestion to make the activity creation process more efficient that its current form (i.e., having to "fill out a form/UI fields" individually is time consuming/slow).

When I'm in a meeting with a customer, I'm taking quick, live notes. For example: "Follow Up on Acme Decision with John Doe at 3:30-4p tomorrow"

My preference would be for Pipedrive to parse the natural language to accelerate activity creation from the search bar and from the yellow notes field.

Here are two flows:

  1. I'd like to be able to use the search bar to type "Follow Up on Acme Decision... (More)

Edit Note Linking


when I add a note to a contact, lateron I can edit the content. But it is not possible to link the note to another person or to a deal. It would be a great relief, if you implement the same edit fields as for activities. 


Like this: