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Bug or Feature? Issues with copying from MS-Notes

I have tried to copy paste from Microsoft Notes into the notes of a deal. I selected only text but it was added as an image. What I have to do is first copy into a notepad and then to pipedrive, then it works fine. What I would love is the option to right click and select paste options: paste as text or paste as image. Just as an idea!

Obtain Link to Note from the Web UI

When I mention a user in a note, they get a notification with a link to that note, looking like this: https://.../organization/123?objectType=note&objectId=42

It would be very helpful, if I could obtain this link also from the web UI directly, to point someone to a note without the detour of an email notification. The objectType and objectId are even available in the HTML code already!

Till Jaeger
VP of Sales Engineering

Link a note to deal after it has been created on org level?

Is there any way to link an existing note that had originally been created on organisation level to a deal other than copy / paste the content into a new note?