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Multiple Activity Reminders every morning

Hello, everyone. This is my first post. I hope it's not a duplicate of someone else's post!

My issue: Every day, just after 7am, I get my Activity Reminder email message. I used to get just one (1) copy. However, since about May 3, I've been getting three (3) copies. They all are addressed to my one and only email address and they look exactly the same. They all come from "Pipedrive <>" and are mailed by ""

Is anyone else experiencing this or know why this might be?


Notification problem - solution needed ASAP!

Dear Tech Team,

Earlier the email notifications came immediatelly from Pipedrive, now there is only scheduleing possibility or hourly notification e-mails. That is a very big problem, for example in case of an urgent task.

The other thing that is previously was different, that in the notification email there is only the following text: John Doe added a new Task about deal ..... with Charles Smith from XYZ Ltd.

So nobody knows who is assigned to that task! It is a big problem. All the followers should go to pipedrive to check if the task is his or someone else's.... (More)

Looking to hire app developer for PipeDrive Integration

We are looking for an app or chrome extension developer to build a desktop notification alert for PipeDrive. The current default does not meet our needs. We would like the notification to be connected to scheduled calls, activities, tasks, etc. It should pop up on the desktop and stay there until it is manually dismissed or snoozed. The notification would also have a live link connected to the organization, contact, etc. 

Notification based on a contract date

Hi all, I want to set an alarm which notifies x months before a contract is finishing. Could you please provide any help on how to achieve it?