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Notifications of new lead assignment?

When I create a new lead and assign it to another team member, how can I have him receive a notification of the new lead?

He has all 3 notifications enabled @ Personal preferences > Notifications > Deal and contact update emails

  • Updates about deals I follow
  • Updates about organizations I follow
  • Updates about people I follow 

How do we set up this notification?

Birthday reminders

It would be great if you could have a button to have Activities set to remind once a year for birthdays for example 

EvelinaPipedrive Employee
Sales Assistant content owner

Looking for beta testers for the revamped Sales Assistant

Hi everyone,

We are making some updates to the Sales Assistant and Notifications 💡, and are looking for Beta testers!

Here's what's new:

  • All notifications are centralised in one place and it is possible for you to customise which ones to see
  • Sales Assistant can be muted for the day
  • You can now get notified about deals, organisations and contacts assigned to you
  • You can @mention your teammates (users in the same Pipedrive account) in Notes (deal, person, organisation notes) and receive notifications via the Sales Assistant and/or email

If you are interested in trying out the beta version then... (More)

A way for reps to get notified when a new contact is assigned to them.


I have recently set up a workflow so that way when one of our reps gets assigned a new contact, they get notified via email saying: You have been assigned " John Doe " Login to Pipe drive to check it out. 

But What i wish was possible is we could include a link to the contact in the email. 

So it would be like You have been assigned " John Doe " Click here to see Contact:


Curious to see if anyone else would find this useful!