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🎥 How to customize your notifications, follow topics and join channels in the Community.

How do i enable notification for my sales reps on Pipedrive after deal has been assigned to him/her?

How do i enable notification for my sales reps on Pipedrive after deal has been assigned to him/her?

Livechat falls short.

Using pipedrive live chat for almost a year. A this point we are probably going to move back to our previous chat system or other online chat system out there.

The biggest issue is that no one gets the notifications. Even me as the admin if i honestly didn't have an iWatch, or wearing it even i missed the people trying to connect.

No ability to close the chat for after hours. Like come on why the heck can someone try to connect to a chat at 2am. That just makes no sense and there is not way to schedule... (More)

Email notification settings

You have set your email notifications for 24 hours and managing different teams. You get an email in the morning mentioning you few updates during last 24 hours and directing you to visit rest of unread notifications (say 4,000). I have to visit webpage and now I have to visit all unread email one by one (back and for to notification centre) even what you have read in email. It takes a lot of time to view. Now all messages are read and next day all notifications are displayed on email. Well, very good but next day it shows again... (More)

Multiple Activity Reminders every morning

Hello, everyone. This is my first post. I hope it's not a duplicate of someone else's post!

My issue: Every day, just after 7am, I get my Activity Reminder email message. I used to get just one (1) copy. However, since about May 3, I've been getting three (3) copies. They all are addressed to my one and only email address and they look exactly the same. They all come from "Pipedrive <>" and are mailed by ""

Is anyone else experiencing this or know why this might be?