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Download the notification data.

I love the new notification feature. However, it is very difficult to take action on the data since it does not link easily to the contact.

I would like to be able to download the Notifications data, which would include the email subject line, the person name, the email, the system ID and the number of opens and/or clicks. I can then upload that data to the contact so that I can act on the information.

Web forms email notification not working

Hi all,

I've set up a couple of web forms with an email notification (see screenshot). The email is different from that of the form owner's. When the form is submitted, the form owner is notified via Pipedrive about the new lead, but the separate email is not notified. 

I think I have everything set up correctly. Is anyone else experiencing this issue, or have I missed something in the set up?



Ability to configure notifications for PD Chatbot ONLY

We currently rely on PD's chatbot to provide live assistance to our customers and those interested in our product. We are running into issues with missing live chats however due to notification issues. As I understand it there are two ways to receive notifications: 1)enable desktop notifications through browser and PD or 2) download and use mobile app

The problem lies in enabling desktop notifications. I am then alerted to all actions in PD, not just chat notifications. It is extremely difficult to discern a chatbot notification from all the other noise. Ultimately we all turn off these notifications because its too distracting/overwhelming.

We are then forced to download the PD mobile app, have the phone by our computers, and rely on its sound notifications to alert us of a chat. Pretty disappointing we have to use two devices to use this feature.

Recommendation: allow users to turn on notifications for chats only, rather than all notifications for PD.


How do i enable notification for my sales reps on Pipedrive after deal has been assigned to him/her?

How do i enable notification for my sales reps on Pipedrive after deal has been assigned to him/her?