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Automated Notification

I want to create an automated notification, if deals stays in one particular stage for more than a certain time (let's say 1 week). How can i do that ? I tried with workflow automation but could not find a solution. Can you guys help me out ? 

Thanks in advance.

Re: visibility for users following a deal.

Why can non-admin users who follow a deal see new note details in the Pipedrive email notification, but when they log in, those notes/details are not visible on the system? What setting can I change so they can view the detailed call notes etc when viewing the deal online?

WANTED AUTOMATION based on entries that are made by Leadfeeder

Starting Point

Leadfeeder tracks the visits of the website. Whenever a followed company (in Leadfeeder) visits your site it creates an entry for that visit.


If the company visiting is also an organization/deal known in Pipedrive, this visit information will be automatically transferred to the organization as a NOTE entry (Screenshot)


Based on the note that has been created by Leadfeeder in Pipdrive I want to setup an automation that informs me every time this happens:

  • An automation that sends an Alert telling me that this entry was made


  • An Automation that creates a task... (More)
Simon Schoop
Managing Director, enabling digital change and innovation
Voted for Premade integration for MS teams to receive notifications about incoming leads/ events in an MS teams channel

I would like all four of them. Tomorrow ;-)