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Is it possible to sync organizations and contacts from the Leads inbox and the Deals section?


We very much like the Leads inbox but since we have deals going in and out from the same organizations and contacts, is there a way to open a Lead in the Leads inbox by finding an organization that already exists in the Deals section? And the same question for contacts?
In other word, is there a way to not need to insert an organization and contact from scratch when opening a new lead in the leads inbox if they were already added on pipedrive?

Merge (Betch process)

How to Merge Duplicate entries with fully identical information. Ideally I need some batch process ?

Organization qualification flow

We work with a lead generation process that has to be centered around the organization. From there, we qualify the contact persons and then set up deals, 1 per organization. I'm having some issues getting the process to flow naturally in Pipedrive, it seems everything is centered around contacts -> organization-> deal when I'm looking for organization-> contacts-> deals.

Is it even possible to work with the organization as a starting point?