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2 questions
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Extend relationship type to capture various networks

I would like to extend the relationship type between organizations . eg. "Customer of" to represent customer networks of an organizations.

So far there are just 3 options to link organizations (related, parent / daughter)

From time to time we get insights about what products customers are using. We use this intel to track our competition. I would like to capture that information by linking them with the providing organization.

The relationship type could be “customer of” or “business related” as an example.

Please add a way to bulk edit Organization's related companies

We would very much benefit from a way to be able to set this so that multiple medical facilities in a given region could be attributed to one welfare area.

I grant you this would've been excellent to have carefully planned from the beginning, but with all the bulk editing possible, I feel like this would be a little extra organization which could go a long way for many businesses.

I hope you will consider this improvement.

Also, if you could use Workflow Automations to determine if an Organization located in a specific region (using the address field) should be assigned as a daughter to a specific parent, that would be awesome!

Executive Assistant

More than one person linked to an organisation

We have many clients who are 'related' to more than one organisation however PD doesn't allow for this. I have read older posts relating to this subject, are there any further developments to get this option available?

Reporting sales at Parent level

Hello Community,

I have set up several entities as "Daughter" organisations, and have deals associated to them. I would like to be able to see sales at the Parent level. Does anyone else do this or need this?