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Organization growth chart

For the sales funnel to be Full you need enough leads / organisation's....I created a field if the organisation is qualified so it's possible to make a chart on that....How can I monitor my lead / organisation's growth ?

Organization/Contact Insights

Hi... I'm needing to run reports on Organizations and contacts added but there doesn't seem to be any way on insights.  Looking at previous requests here its mentioned that it is being developed.  Can you please give an update as this is critical as we grow as a business and we need to track activity.

Coordinating and taking care of multiple Orgs

Dear Pipedrive,

my company consists - through M&A and natural growth - of multiple "branches" that sometimes are practically identical to the existing company, and sometimes differ in various aspects of our business.
Also, while the naturally added branches are within the existing team structure, M&A brings in new teams with different structures, that are not always integrated into our extisting team structure.

Does anyone have experience with administrating pipedrive in such a situation?

Our current solution is, to focus on what the different branches demand from pipedrive. If it is largely the same as the existing branches, it just... (More)