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Insights on organizations


So I want to have a report on each organisations/clients of our in Pipedrive with the following information: name, nr of deals started in a custom period of time, won deals, lost deals, sum of all deals (amount won, amount lost,) ticket size. All this in just one report. It is possible in pipedrive? 

Activity log



I'm trying to identify why an organisation on a few deals has changed from one company to another. Is there anywhere where I can see a log of who has accessed Pipedrive and, more specifically, what they have done?

Martin Pecha
Growth Manager at COGVIO

Revenue panel in deal view

I have tried the revenue panel - I kinda like it - but it does not serve the purpose for us - and maybe for others as well - so I decided to share some thoughts.

Why we use revenue info in pipedrive anyway?

  • Firstly, for forecasting - we need to know, what the cashflow will be.
  • To get quick and transparent overview, what company have purchased and currently subscribed.

What are the issues with revenue panel? It is located and related to deal.

Deals are good for pushing and storing information while trying to win the deal. However, once... (More)

Suggested Feature: Ability to add an organization/lead by clicking on the Google Map integration.

Our company utilizes custom Google Maps by uploading business listings based on number of employees. We then continue to prospect by seeing what our imported list may have missed on the map and then clicking the google map and adding the business to our custom map.

It would be great if we could add an organization/deal by clicking on the google maps window in Pipedrive and import the address information that pops up.