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total customer wallet

Does anyone know how I can enter the total wallet of a customer organization?

Link assignment of Org, Person and Deal

Use case:  when re-assigning an organization from one rep to another,  we have to

  1. Change the assignment at the Oganization level
  2. Change the assignment at the Contact level -  for EVERY CONTACT INDIVIDUALLY
  3. Change the assignment at the Deal level - -  for EVERY DEAL INDIVIDUALLY

Missing any of these leads to great confusion, as reps have deals and activities assigned to them for account they no longer handle, etc.

Is there any way to have the org level change cascade automatically down to all Contacts and Deals under that org?

Handling an organization without contacts

I have an application which requires me to communicate with an organisation, rather than a contact, using the organisation's generic email address: infor@

How do I handle that in Pipedrive?

  1.  Add the organisation as a contact?
  2. Add the organisation normally and then add a 'virtual' contact?
  3. A better way?

Any advice appreciated.