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Organization fields disappeared

All our Organization fields disappeared this morning. It asks me to customize fields and or Add Details (screenshot 1). If I click on "Add Details", it just gives me a "DONE" button (screenshot 2).



If I go to the Company Settings / Data Fields / Organization, I can still see all our Organization fields listed in there though. So I know nobody deleted all this (see screenshot 3 below).


I'm guessing it's a bug from Pipedrive. Has anyone faced the same issue?

Insights for Organizations and People seems to be totally missing?

As our ISR's call and update our database, we need to track progress and get insights into the status of Organizations and People.

Ability to build reports based on Organizational and People fields and statuses.

Is there anyway to do this today?


Martin Pecha
Growth Manager at COGVIO

Categorising people within organisation detail

It would be cool to have a possibility to categorise people visually in organization detail. We for example work with different teams/departments on different projects/apps and it would be cool to have them visually separated to see, in which team we have contacts.

Karel Dhoore
Venture Capital Investor

Enable organisation email link with deals and stop automatic contact person generation through smart BCC

Recently, I noticed that when manually linking a deal to an email message, Pipedrive creates a contact person based on the email address if no contact person is associated with the deal. However, an organisation (with an email address) was linked to the deal. Mostly, this happens when I don't have a contact person for a deal, and just email to "" for example.

The image below shows what a mess this makes in the Person database.

Based on this I propose 2 things:

  • Enable smart BCC email links when only an organisation with an email address is linked to... (More)