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Outbound sales
Outbound sales
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🎥 How to customise your notification preferences, follow topics and join channels in the Sales and Marketing Community.

Actual SDR’s talk about best practises for email outreach 👇

We asked Outplay’s sales team members who have consistently achieved their quota targets on what strategy they follow for their superb sales email game. Here are the highlights -

  1. I like to keep things simple. Every one of my emails follows the AIDA framework. This is how it works - Grab reader’s attention, pique their interest, and generate a desire in them to take an action.
    Bill Stiber
  2. I go with a short subject line, a personalized elevator pitch, and a catchy CTA at the end.
    Manthan Gupta
  3. I make sure I ask my prospects a question on what problem... (More)

GDPR: Knowing is half the battle 💪 🧠

Time flies: Did you know the General Data Protection Regulation has been in effect across the EU for 3 years now? 


We look back at some tips to understanding GDPR:

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How do you successfully handle objections? 🤔

Don't we all face hear NO's constantly? How do you deal with them?

Is this your life as well?
Is this your life as well?
Martin Pecha
Growth Manager at COGVIO

Looking for inspiration to automate calendar meetings

Hi there!

I am trying to automate process with our external call centre. 

What call centre do:

  • call people, when they agree with meeting, schedule meeting
  • meetings are created in shared internal google calendar (with no guest in calendar)

What is the problem:

  • someone needs to take the meeting from calendar, create activity and write mail with link

What I need

  • solution, that creates activity with scheduled time/date in a specific deal in pipedrive

Any ideas?

It does not matter where the person is writing down info about the meeting (except the pipedrive unfortunately, where we cannot give them access)