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Outbound sales
Outbound sales
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Want to sell more on calls? Learn from the singers! 🎤🎶

There are 3 major points for you to focus on -

1 Volume of your pitch

2 Pacing of your pitch

3 Pitch Cadence

If any of these moves into extremes, your prospect will judge you as either under-confident sales noob or an obnoxious snake oil salesperson.

With the right volume, pacing, and pitch you will appear clear and confident with a hint of attractive urgency! But this is easier said than done, no pun intended. ;)

Your team needs to regularly listen to both successful and unsuccessful pitches in order to understand where you are going wrong and work... (More)

Are your cold emails are getting caught as spam? Here is a solution!

The most common reason for your emails getting marked spam is this -

When people to whom you are sending these emails, mark your email as spam

You are a tea seller who is doing cold email outreach, you reach out to everyone in your city where a group of passionate tea haters also live. Once this email reaches out to them, they start marking your email as spam. This is what happens when a salesperson adopts the spray and pray method when they use email outreach.

Always send your emails to your target audience only, to avoid this scenario.... (More)

Sales Objections Tool: Tell us the objection. Get expert responses. 🙅🔜💰

We know it can be frustrating to receive objections from prospects, but there are techniques you can use to counter with confidence. We’ve reached out to some of the top-notch sales teams using Pipedrive to ask for their best responses to the most common objections. Their insightful answers will put you on the fast track to a stress-free sales process. Click here to start turning that "no" into a "yes"!

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Otimização Pipedrive + Zapiar + Chatfuel + Whatsaapp

Oi, tudo bem ?  Eu tenho um Clinicca Estitca em recife e estou melhorando o meu processo comercial. Para isso hoje eu estou usando o Chatfuel e Pipedrive integrado via Zapier para fazer um processo de pré qualificação dos contatos recebidos via campanha. Mas eu estou precisando padronizar todo o processo comercial , automatizá-lo e integrar esse processo com whatsapp.   Alguém conseguiria me ajudar nesse processo ?  

Segue o meu contato 87 981220146. Enviar mensagem via whatsapp. Não ligar !