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Outfunnel is a sales centric marketing automation tool that automates your email marketing based on data in Pipedrive and gives your sales team context about leads.

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Does outfunnel sync with pipedrive without MailChimp?

Hi I'm not a mailchimp fan. Can we use outfunnell on its own with pipedrive? Do we get the same level of integration? emails recorded and updated?

We only send small amout of email messages 100-200 a week, but want to make sure it integrates with pipedrive before testing it out on workflows.


Ciao a tutti, qualcuno di voi ha provato Outfunnel?

Outfunnel is the top-rated App in the PD Marketplace. How do they do it?

Check out how Outfunnel is able to manage marketing automation and more.

Tag co-founders @Andrus Purde & @Markus Leming with any questions you may have.

What are you using for web forms? And are you 100% happy or are you missing a feature or two?

I'm guessing many of us here use Pipedrive's own web forms or Gravity Forms. Any other popular form solutions in use? And if you could change one thing about your current solution, what would this be?