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Outfunnel is a sales centric marketing automation tool that automates your email marketing based on data in Pipedrive and gives your sales team context about leads.

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Since Pipedrive doesn't offer real email templates and only allows us to save regular text emails as a "template" for ... Mailchimp templates into Pipedrive?

Pipedrive Form and Outfunnel Integration


Has anyone integrated Pipedrive forms on their website, and then Outfunnel for marketing automation? We are having trouble getting the Pipedrive forms to bring in the web tracking history and identify leads. Thanks for any help. 

Does outfunnel sync with pipedrive without MailChimp?

Hi I'm not a mailchimp fan. Can we use outfunnell on its own with pipedrive? Do we get the same level of integration? emails recorded and updated?

We only send small amout of email messages 100-200 a week, but want to make sure it integrates with pipedrive before testing it out on workflows.


Ciao a tutti, qualcuno di voi ha provato Outfunnel?