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Outlook Sync - Private Appointments

I have two-way sync between Pipedrive and my Outlook calendar.  It seems that if I have an appointment marked as private in Outlook, it should be hidden from other users in Pipedrive, regardless of user visibility status.  Has anyone looked into this?

Igor Abade
CEO, CloudMotion. Microsoft Regional Director.

Office 365 Sync and Junk (Spam) emails

Hi folks!

Why is it that Pipedrive is syncing all the junk I receive?

Notice those spam emails in my Junk Mail ("Lixo Eletrônico" in Portuguese) folder?

Here they are in Pipedrive's Inbox, in all their spammy glory :-)

Am I missing something? Currently I have it set to "sync all email folders" - but I'd expect Pipedrive to be clever enough not to sync the Spam folder...

Do I really need to choose the folders to sync instead, so that I can pick "all but Junk Mail"? It's doable, but can be a a hassle for those used to... (More)

Igor Abade
CEO, CloudMotion. Microsoft Regional Director.

Let me accept meeting invitations from the Pipedrive Inbox

Currently, when I get a meeting request from a contact, all I see in Pipedrive is an email with the standard email controls (1) and an ICS file (2) attached to it:

In addition to those, I'd expect it to offer the standard meeting controls (accept, decline etc.) found in Outlook:

The rationale here is that I want to stay in Pipedrive for as long as possible to maximize my productivity, but this is one of those small "paper cuts" that keep forcing me to go back and forth between Pipedrive and Outlook (and sometimes even Teams).



Outlook Feiertage werden zu Aufgaben

Hi Pipedrivers, 

ich habe eine vermutlich sau blöde Frage. In Outlook nutze in die Funktion sich Feiertage im Kalender anzeigen zu lassen. Bei der Syncronisierung mit Pipedrive import das System diese jetzt als Aktiviäten. 

Kann ich das irgendwie entfernen, so das Feiertage nicht mehr in Pipedrive angezeigt werden? 

Danke für euren Support!