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Outlook Calendar Synchronization (Problem with time zones)

Hello everybody,

we have a problem with the calendar synchronization with Outlook. Appointments that are entered via Pipedrive are displayed correctly in the main calendar view in Outlook. In the detail view, however, the appointment is shown two hours earlier. This problem is probably related to the transfer of the time zone, because in the detail view in Outlook the appointment is displayed with the time zone UTC even though the time zone is UTC +1. The Pipedrive Support cannot help here at the moment, does anyone have a solution for the problem?

Test the new email feature prototype 📩 (deadline: April 12th)

Hello everyone,

We are working on a new feature for email and we would be happy to get your feedback on the first prototype to test the usability. The information will be used for the research purpose only.

You will be asked to complete some small tasks on the prototype, and there will be some questions regarding the overall experience. What we need:

John Marsh
Business Broker | M&A Advisor

Any update for us outlook users on an add-in to create accounts/contacts/deals from MS365 or the outlook client? And e-mail archive syncing?

Outlook Plug-In

I don't understand this and I know it has been discussed before a few times but most/all comparable CRMs as Freshworks, Zoho, Sugar CRM, Hubspot, etc. have a plug-ins to Outlook and so many companies work with Outlook (and need to work with Outlook sometimes).

We worked with Freshsales/Freshworks for quite a while and this was a great enhancement to the workflow of getting new requests into the CRM efficiently and thus getting a higher acceptance within sales (using the BCC now in Pipedrive but it doesnt work all the time). Getting data in should be don with the minimal... (More)