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John Marsh
Business Broker | M&A Advisor

Email integration

Good morning there have been multiple posts about email integration with Pipedrive. I currently use Outlook and I have to have two windows open when managing email and entering into Pipedrive. Is this something that’s being considered? I drove has so much functionality but this seems like a basic issue. Would love to know if this is in the pipeline or if I need to try to find other CRM options

workflow emails - send with outlook instead?

Is it possible to have outlook send my automated emails instead of Pipedrive?  I switched my "send email links" to outlook and it works well, but I would love to automate my emails with workflows but I cannot due to limitations in Pipedrive's email. My company is very specific about fonts used, buttons (links), logos and signatures.  Or - can I create a workaround where automation creates the email for me to cut and paste it into my email?  (less desirable, but better than nothing)

Glisser fichier dans Pipedrive depuis Outlook


Il est impossible de faire glisser directement une pièce jointe depuis Outlook vers Fichiers de Pipedrive.

Quelqu'un a-t-il une solution autre que sauvegarder la pièce jointe et ensuite aller la sélectionner sur le PC.


Email Folders

How can I access my Outlook email folders when working in Pipedrive?