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Outplay is the new-age sales outreach platform that’s optimized to help sales teams be efficient and book more meetings.

Using Outplay, you can reach out to your prospects by - Emails, Calls, Voicemails, Text/SMS, LinkedIn, & much more, making us the most complete multi-touch outreach platform in the market.

Tag @Laxman , @Vamsi Chaitanya , or @RamakoteswarRao Papineni with questions.

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This is how you get more meetings for your cold outreach

Hello pipedrive community, we did a 5 minutes interview with Belal Batrawy (exited 7 startups, multiple sales leadership roles) on how to get the maximum from your cold outreach. In his usual no-fluff style, he talked about -

  1. Why cold outreach is almost like climbing up a mountain
  2. Why most cold outreach emails fail to book meetings with their prospects
  3. How to build a 7-step outreach sequence that does not require you to create a lot of content yet helps you get that meeting

The multi-touchpoints Belal talked about include both cold email and cold call, something that can be... (More)

Does Outplay show call scripts?

@Laxman , @Vamsi Chaitanya , or @RamakoteswarRao Papineni

Quick question about Outplay: does it show call scripts?

For example, if I need a script for each call and I call different market segments or at different stages of the sales cycle, does it show a script that is specific to the situation of each call?

For example, if I have scripts for pre-qualification calls, webinar subscription follow up, scripts for appointment setting and more, does it keep it all organized depending on the type of call being made? Same thing for voicemail, it keeps track of which call you are... (More)

💸 Different sales sequences based on team sizes (69% opens) 👨‍👦‍👦

Hey Pipedrivers, another week, another experiment.

This time with the size of Organizations 🏦.

We decided to divide our existing sequence into two segments

1. Companies with <200 employee count

2. Companies with >200 employee count

and then we ran these sequences.

Here are the stats :

For the sequence targetting companies with less than 200 employees

Opens - 69%

Replied - 12%

For the sequence targetting companies with more than 200 employees

Opens - 48%

Replied - 6.7%

Why should you try segmenting -

•To figure out where your product gets the most traction

•Then doubling down on the... (More)

A sales experiment got 80% open rate & 18% reply rate 📈

Hey Community members,

Selling in this pandemic is tough. I wanted to share an experiment that our sales team conducted by creating a special sales sequence using Outplay, that gave great results. Feel free to use it.

Here is how they did it -

They created a sequence called ‘4 open sequence’ in which they targeted warm leads from their previous cold email campaigns. As its name suggests, these were the prospects who had opened their emails 4 times before but never responded.

Here is why we selected 4. We thought 1 open - a prospect not sure... (More)