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Discussion on Pandadoc, a  proposal generation tool with eSigning functionality that can manage the entire sales cycle.

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Adding details of products?

I cannot seem to be able to add details to a product and have the details import in Pandadoc?

I'm having to manually cut and paste everytime..................... ;(

Organization Address Fields

Hi -- I'm a little confused about how Pipedrive maps from the "Complete Address" field to the "Discrete Address Fields" (e.g. Street, City, State, Zip). 

My immediate need is that I'm mapping addresses from Pipedrive to Pandadoc and SaasOptics, and it appears that for many organizations, even if they have a "Complete Address" the "Discrete Address Fields" are not populating.

Is there a way to view the discrete fields? Is there a way to force the mapping of data from complete address to the discrete fields? 



Store user phone number in user profile and create token for user Phone Number

My organization passes PipeDrive tokens to PandaDoc templates to generate sales proposals.  Every time we create a proposal, we have to manually enter my phone number on the cover page.  

I should have the option of storing my phone number in my PipeDrive user profile.  The value of that entry should be a token like [Deal.Owner.Phone] that I can pass on to other sales apps.


Pandadoc Integration Issues

Hello, I have followed the set up guide for Pandadoc Integration in Pipedrive but I don't collect in my Pandadoc document the data I've seized in Pipedrive ? Collaborators with same environment and integration don't have this issue. Does anyone have an idea ? 

Regards, Philippe