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Discussion on Pandadoc, a  proposal generation tool with eSigning functionality that can manage the entire sales cycle.

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PandaDoc related automations

Dear Pipedrivers!

We are working with PandaDoc in connection with Pipedrive - as I am sure many of you are, too.

I recently noticed there is a way to directly implement PandaDoc into Pipedrive, but we are missing some key automation tools we currently having using Zapier as an intermediate between PandaDoc and Pipedrive.

We really need some tools to automate the various contracts (according to custom data fields in Pipedrive), fill them according to info from Pipedrive and send them to the contacts E-Mail, preferably by just clicking on a new phase in the Pipeline.

With some manual work... (More)

PandaDoc Proposals & eSignatures

Hello, good morning!

It has been recurring in the last three days to have to install the integration of PandaDoc Proposals & eSignatures -

Are you aware of a problem with the PandaDoc API?

Thank you for your cooperation!

Tim Dobie
Financial Director

Pandadoc integration


I am trying to create a Pandadoc document that has pricing tables populated by the Products attached to the Deal in Pipedrive. I need to find a way of pointing Products to different pricing tables in the Pandadoc document based on their Category defined in Pipedrive. For example Products with Category "monthly" goes to Pricing Table "monthly" (in Pandadoc) and category "one-off" goes to a different pricing table in Pandadoc titled "one-off costs" etc.

GetAccept vs. PandaDoc

If you have tried both of these integrations, I would love to hear some pros vs cons.