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Discussion on Pandadoc, a  proposal generation tool with eSigning functionality that can manage the entire sales cycle.

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#smart docs Vor und Nachteile von Smart Docs vs. Pandadoc

Hi together,

ich bin gerade dabei Pandadoc und Samrt Docs in Bezug zur Erstellung von Angeboten zu vergleichen. Neben der Usability, sollte es natürlich auch schick aussehen. Was habt ihr für Erfahrungen mit den jeweiligen Programmen? 


Danke euch

Documents and cloud services in PD

I have taken a deeper look at PD’s handling of cloud integration and documents and would like product managers and engineers have a deeper look at this issue. We all need to deliver lawful, sustainable, and user-friendly services. To meet these goals, some work seems necessary.

  1. By default, PD stores any documents created or uploaded to PD on its standard cloud services (I believe AWS). Documents can be accessed from the PD application. As of now (correct me if I am wrong), there is no automated document backup scenario that users can control. You can address documents’ hyperlinks via PD standard API, but not download anything automatically.
  2. PD has introduced a feature called “Smart Docs” allowing users to prepare template-based documents (contracts etc.) which can be automatically populated with contact and deal data and integrate in a very nice e-signing process. With Smart Docs, you can deliver a fully digital contracting process. For this to work, users need to integrate their Microsoft OneDrive or, alternatively, Google Drive accounts. These accounts will hold directories with the templates and automatically created folders, labelled with the clients’ full name, in which files (contracts) are stored under their file name. Or rather they not, because while those folders do contain the Word file with the clients’ data, while the signed pdf and audit trails files are not automatically transferred to this location. This really needs attention, for obvious reasons.
  3. There are third party applications, e.g. Pandadoc, which offer not only a suite for e-signatures... (More)

Smart Docs - What's planned?

Hi Pipedrivers!

I was wondering, what the longterm plan for Smart Docs is - will we be able to set up text fields, or even Spreadsheets, that the customer has to fill out (i.e. like PandaDoc)? 
Only Text and Pipedrive fields is not enough to build an decent Document in many cases!

Thanks in advance.

@Inês Batata 

Experto en Pipedrive - Fundador @ AGILIZA.

Persona + Participants fields on an automated document

Hi! I am trying to create a document from Pipedrive  deals. The challenge is that I need to use the Persona fields and the participants fields on that document. I have seen that with Smart Docs  I can only use the person fields.  Do you know if Panda Doc or any other Doc app can help me use Personas and Participants data fields? Thanks so much for your advice.