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Discussion on Pandadoc, a  proposal generation tool with eSigning functionality that can manage the entire sales cycle.

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Price Calculation ---> panda doc

Hi There. Been playing with Pandadoc integration for Doc signing and sales agreements and like what I see. Our problem is with pricing. Currently our master stock list will not work with Pipedrive.

As such I don't see a way of utilising the product list and pricing tools.

We price each item individually and of course enter that in the deal value field, and can add additional fields for trade in value, deposit due etc. I don't have a problem filling these in manually at the pipe drive deal stage.

how ever when we want to then create a sales... (More)

Insert Pandadoc document URL in Pipedrive

Hi guys,

I've synced my Pandadoc account with Pipedrive, and I successfully generate documents base on my Pipedrive's deal infos.

When I generate a document in Pandadoc, I get a link of the document for my client so he can e-sign.

Do you know how can I take this URL and insert it in an e-mail as a field in Pipedrive ?

I can't see this URL in the Pandadocs tokens in Pipedrive :/

Titre des documents Pandadoc

Salut les pipedrivers,

À ceux qui utilisent l'intégration Pandadoc, avez-vous réussi à personnaliser le nom du document .pdf généré par Pandadoc ?

Dans mon cas, je génère des bons de commandes issues de mes offres. Par défaut, il prend le nom de l'offre (

J'aimerais par exemple que le nom du doc ait le nom du client + l'id du deal.


Is it possible to attach a picture to a product such as I can add it to a proposal ?

I am trying to generate a nice looking proposal based on a list of products (and deal) and I need to include the products' pictures in the proposal. 
I was thinking of generating a proposal in Pandadoc but I need to add a picture of the product in Pipedrive. Any ideas of how I can do that ? 

Other suggestions ? 

Thanks a lot