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It would be great if a report could be run to show what participants are part of a specific deal

List all participants to a deal

Currently, each deal has a primary person and bunch of participants.

We're trying to generate a list of all participants to a filtered list of deals - the use case is to output a list of names and email addresses that we can load into Hubspot or MixMax to run a campaign. 

Searching on the Deal page only gives info on the primary person. Going via the Contacts/People or Contacts/Companies screens does not give any option to list Deal info.

Any ideas on how we can get this to work, short of manually copying and pasting into a spreadsheet?

Martin Pfeiffer
Media Production Company Owner, Pro Photographer

Add all Deal Participants to email with one click of button?

Hello Community,

A lot of our communications with clients are either with individuals or in groups. 

One feature I would really like is:

Imagine your email conversations constantly changes between your main contact and a wider group of people (= deal participants). Yes we can directly reply to all once we received an email.

But it would be really handy in a form of an always visible button to switch between email to main Deal Contact only and all Deal Contacts (Contact + all participants) instead of individually typing their email and possible forgetting someone.

Thx for your consideration. 

Mudar a timeline do negócio de acordo com a pessoa vinculada

Atualmente quando há emails trocados com pessoas que estão apenas vinculados no negócio como participantes o Pipe não traz essa informação na timeline do negócio, então fica aqui a minha sugestão, podendo também adicionar os emails trocados com a pessoa quando mudamos o contato do negócio.