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Workflow automating a deal-specific email...

I have a template email I need to send each time a deal is moved to a specific stage.  The email needs to provide the names, phone numbers and email addresses for the other participants in the deal.  Is there some way to have each deal participant's name, phone number and email address automatically pulled from the existing contact details and added to the email?  

I suppose another option (if possible) would be to create custom-fields under the details of my deals.  Is there a way I could fill in the name of an existing contact and have custom phone and email  fields automatically filled with the existing phone number and email address in that person's contact details?

Multiple contacts for our Customer success team post winning

so we just brought our account managers/customer success team. they use pipedrive to make filters etc for their work. one of the things they do is they add persons to contacts and tie them to organization for who they deal with. The problem is is that sometimes' their person is different than who we talked to during the sales process.

and so we can tie them to organization no problem.

but they make contact filters and want to use the deal filter to do certain pipelines and fields, but you can only attach one person per deal so their filters don't work. Basically the person we sold to isn't the person our CS team engages with or there are multiple people to engage with.

e.g. filter the CS contacts for deals covering this year only takes in the sales contact.

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Be able to FILTER/ QUERY All Participants attached to DEALS that contain: Product, Special Fields, Location, etc. and include their details when exporting the report.

PARTICIPANT QUERY. A bit frustrated here. Hope you can push this forward as I have seen this request posted numerous times to Pipedrive development and yet it remains unresolved. We operate an International Soccer Development Company which specializes in Sport travel. We need to be able to pull a Participant query with field options such as location, product, year, etc.  For example: Create a filter/ query of All participants attached to (ALL) deals containing certain products/SKU's. This seems to be a simple table (link) lookup.  If Participants are "Linked" to a DEAL, why can't we simply QUERY the link: "DEAL PARTICIPANT" or "PARTICIPANT" and then apply the needed filters? How can we have development address this request? Please help.


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