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CC participant in an auto email

I am a real estate agent, and i need to figure out how to send out auto emails to multiple people. I have figured out how to send it to the main person in a deal, but how do i automatically CC a participant?

Mudar a timeline do negócio de acordo com a pessoa vinculada

Atualmente quando há emails trocados com pessoas que estão apenas vinculados no negócio como participantes o Pipe não traz essa informação na timeline do negócio, então fica aqui a minha sugestão, podendo também adicionar os emails trocados com a pessoa quando mudamos o contato do negócio. 

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Hi @CloudGuide6 !

The reason why multiple deals are getting created is because Pipedrive doesn't have a deal duplicate detection rule4, so it reads your spreadsheet as multiple deals that have the same name and Organization linked to them.

To update data into any item that already exists in Pipedrive with a spreadsheet, the best method is using the ID, as shown in this article. That way you guarantee no unwanted duplicates are created: How can I update my Pipedrive data with a spreadsheet?9

As you may have noticed while importing, unfortunately there is no mapping field for Participants,... (More)