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Discussion on Paycove, a custom quote and invoice automation tool.

Tag @Jeff Gluck with questions.

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Mathias Jonsson
Owner of

Feature Request: Integrate CC Payments (Stripe) to Request Signature Page // How are you handling CC payments?

Would it be possible to integrate Stripe to accept credit cards and begin billing from the final Request Signature page?



How is everyone accepting payments after the client signs a proposal?

I'm currently using but I feel like this would be a great feature to have in Pipedrive to reduce buying friction.



Paycove moving my pipedrive deal to won?!?

I used to have it set up in paycove when an invoice was paid, it would move to the "Paid" column in my pipeline. Now it is making the deals "won." I don't want it to make the deals won automatically. Is there a way to turn that off?

Our Integration Partners Step Up To Offer Discounts!

During this time, a lot of us could use a little bit of extra help.

Luckily several of our partners have decided to offer a special discount for users.

If you want to check them out on the Marketplace, head here

The following are all offering a discount:

  • Pipechat
  • JustCall
  • PayCove
  • Gamifier
  • LiveChat
  • FunnelFLARE
  • Helpwise
  • ActiveDEMAND
  • Nectar Desk
  • CircleLoop

Paycove is one of the best options available for invoicing.

If you'd like to give it a try, but have questions, try tagging @Jeff Gluck for a comprehensive response.ย