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Katie Moore
Director of Contract Performance - Peak Sports MGMT

Custom Field use for Product Table

We use a custom Notes field for Products that include deadlines for when we need an asset from a client. I'd like to be able to pull this information when using the Product Table for a Document Generation, but the "Notes" that are being pulled are those created manually when attaching Products to the Deal.

It would save us a great deal of time if we could include Custom Fields in the Product Table rather than making a note for each product, especially when some clients have upwards of 50 products.

Feature Request: Add Caller to Lead Inbox (+ note / activity syncing with contact page)

We would love to be able to use the caller directly from the lead inbox flyout after clicking on a lead. Right now you need to click on the contact and go to the contact page. And Because our team saves notes and activities in the contact page, that data is not syncing up in the lead inbox. 

So the more functionality in the lead inbox- the better. 



Import lead labels

Currently it's not possible to import labels when importing leads. We have some automations running based on labels, it would be useful that we can import them directly.

Need inventory management for products.

 For example, we have 10 printers in stock. 2 printers are added to a deal. The stock should go down to 8 and sales team should know about it. 

This is a must have feature for quantity based product selling.