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Smart Docs - Pdf / Excel Files

Dear Pipedrive,


Smart Docs is a great tool and be really see the benefit from it, that's for sure !

However, It would be perfect and much more easier if we could import not only Word file but also Pdf and Excel files....

When do you think this will be possible ?


Thank you !

Converting deals to leads (Bulk)

Is there a way to convert deals to leads using the API? We have a bunch of open deals that are "lost" because they have been forgotten. Not touched in over 6 months. I would like to convert all of them to leads. In order to keep the deal pipeline clean. 

Please add a "Documents" or "Shared Files" area in Pipedrive

My sales team and I would greatly benefit if Pipedrive included a "Documents" or "Shared Files" area where I can place PDFs, e-flyers, client agreements, product brochures, etc. that all of my sales team can access as needed. 

Can you make add products a mandatory field on a deal?

I would like to know if you can make 'Add products' a mandatory (IMPORTANT) field and also make the Item field mandatory for input?