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Hey Sean

We send marketing source data (like the fact they came form Paid Search, Organic Search, etc) into our Pipedrive account using a tool call

It's basically the same as Hubspot's Original Source fields which is what you're looking for by the sounds of things.

Not only does it capture and send through UTM parameters, but it sends through channel data for organic channels where UTM parameters aren't present (like Organic Search, Organic Social, etc).

It also captures landing page data, which we find useful for measuring how our many leads & customers are coming from our blogging efforts.

Hope this helps!


Smartdocs File Naming

It would be great if templates could be given basic naming conventions to save manually renaming every file we create. Currently it gets: [customer name] [date] [time]. We would like to automatically name the file as: [template name] [customer name] or [template name] [job number] or (specified default value) [customer name] or something else along those lines.

Add PDF to documents from Onedrive

It would be awesome it we could add pdfs as documents from OneDrive. We have smartdocs, but with OneDrive it only allows the addition of word documents. I notice those using Google Drive have the ability to add pdfs as documents.

The main reason we want to do this is for the electronic signing capabilities of smart docs. We generate our quotes as pdfs in another application, so be great if we could import them into smartdocs and send for an electronic signature from Pipedrive.

Regarding e-signatures

I wish you would stick to the core of your product and focus on the Leads feature and make it fully functional.


Releasing s product that is not really working, not connected properly to insights etc. 

Increase your workflow opportunities... stuff like that.

So many eSigning tool out there doing the whole sales enablement part better than you guys. And believe me - the list and request for what you have started it endless.

Can we collaborate?

Can we chat in the doc?

Can we do reviews?

Could we upload videos?

Can you build an editor...

Just stick to the core and improve that!