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Leadbooster ... When the hell are you going to add ability to email?

We signed up for leadbooster at the beginning of the year with the promise that the ability to respond to leads with Pipedrive's email would be delivered by March.

It is now nearly December and I still don't see the ability.

We receive a lot of leads that will never turn into deals. eg Enquiries etc. At the moment we have to convert them into deals and then lookup the deal in order to be able to send an email (before closing the deal). We must have the ability to open and send Pipedrive mail from the lead page (without... (More)

I have a suggestion regarding the Live Chat. Would it be possible to schedule times there to switch the Live Chat on and ... I have to set me online manually.

Leads and linked notes

We are adopting the new leads inbox, and very happy it's there. We were previously using a separate pipeline for leads, which was confusing and making reporting harder.

The one thing I don't like about leads is that any notes made to the lead are not linked to the underlying people or organization. This is different from Deals, and I don't understand why.

The comment I heard back from support is that notes made in the lead phase are deemed not to be important enough to be linked to organizations or people. However, that is not true in our case,... (More)