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Product + Subscriptions

Why can't a subscription be a product? Or at least when I add the subscription it would be great to link it to a product I've created. This would save time in typing in the subscription name & details all the time.


View of leads inbox does not provide organisation name. Of course I could change my naming convention to include the name of the organisation that the lead is from but it would be ideal if we could just have the details of the organisation in another field/ column. 



Smart Docs - What's planned?

Hi Pipedrivers!

I was wondering, what the longterm plan for Smart Docs is - will we be able to set up text fields, or even Spreadsheets, that the customer has to fill out (i.e. like PandaDoc)? 
Only Text and Pipedrive fields is not enough to build an decent Document in many cases!

Thanks in advance.

@Inês Batata 

Document Automation

Could Pipedrive add document creation to the workflow automation options? 

Then when a deal reaches a certain stage, documents could be automatically created using a template; this would save the time it takes to generate them. Based on deal values the template used could vary, taking the human errors out and preventing the creation of incorrect documents. Be great if the automation could name the document rather than using the deal title and date by default.

This may already be happening, i didn't see it as an option when i tried setting up an automation though.