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Google Analytics goal trigger for Pipedrive form entries

We have switched our own webforms out for Pipedrive forms. The experience has been great: easy to setup and much less spam now.

However, we seem to have lost the ability to register a Google Analytics Goal when someone fills out a form. Does anyone have an approach/solution for this, or would this be a genuine feature request?

Lead Inbox Column Titles

Can we please add the ability to customize the columns in the Lead Inbox? Right now, the company and the name of the person isn't shown! The Leads Inbox is not useful until we can see which company and person we are contacting. 

Leads to Deals pipeline conversation and marketing funnel metrics please

Need to see the conversions between lead into a deals pipeline, and something which allows you to tell which marketing funnel the lead originated from. This will save significant time working out ROI etc..


Is this in the roadmap?