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Piesync integrates Pipedrive with other apps for an Intelligent and automatic 2-way contact sync.

Tag @Sarah Mouton and @Aron Gosselin with any questions.

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Voted for I use XXXXXXXX

@Steve22 use Integromat!

Integromat should be able to handle everything you need including webhooks, if you hit a roadblock with built in pipedrive endpoints it also lets you use a custom http module for very creative workflows. It is far superior to Zapier.

With integromat I run hundreds of thousands of operations monthly, error handling is amazing.

If you describe what you need to do I can tell you if it's possible with integromat.

Native Integration with Salesloft

We have recently signed up to Salesloft as our preferred enablement software. The third party connector we were going to use to connect Pipedrive (PieSynch) has been bought by HubSpot and therefore no longer integrates Pipedrive to Salesloft. The only other options out there are custom API's which cost a fortune. I would suggest that it is in Pipedrives best interest to build a native integration to Salesloft in their marketplace as I am sure many people (like us) are thinking of switching to HubSpot because of this.

Is there some way to revert an update that occurred?

The PieSync API did a crazy update last Friday changing all owners for our organizations.  is there a way to somehow undo all those inside of Pipedrive.  They are all marked in the Update column as being done by the API.