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Pipechat is a Chrome Extension that adds a Pipedrive sidebar to WhatsApp Web.

Tag @Daniele for any questions you might have.

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🎥 How to customize your notifications, follow topics, and join channels in the Community.

Team Messenger

Would anyone else like to see a sidebar for your team with a chat option between coworkers?

Or is this something already available?

Minha lista de ferramentas complementares ao Pipedrive :D, comente a sua tambem!

API4com para Ligações Voip

Snovio para geração de leads, cadencia de e-mail

Cliksign para contratos integrados no Pipedirve

Pipechat para Whatsapp individual para Whatsap, Instagram e Facebook em time, automação de Whatsapp API Oficial

Z-Api para automação de Whatsapp individual 

Active Campaing, RD Station para automação de Marketing + Google Data Studio para Dashboards animais!

Linkedin Helper II para automações de linkedin integradas nas ações do Pipedrive

Integromat para programação low-code, impede leads duplicados, integração elegante com marketing, lead score e as coisas mais incríveis que você consiga imaginar :D

Kyrylo Taranenko
Product Manager TimelinesAI

Automatic Whatsapp PipeDrive integration is live on PipeDrive Marketplace (try it for free)

Do your sales agents use Whatsapp in their work? Or maybe you have Whatsapp as a channel to communicate with your clients?

Based on feedback from PipeDrive community and a hundred user interviews, we created an automatic Whatsapp integration for PipeDrive. Try it for free here:

Why is it better than alternatives?

First, the Whatsapp PipeDrive integration is fully automatic. Your contacts and messaging get synced into PipeDrive without any manual input from your side. For new contacts, the new Persons and Deals will be created automatically. And yes, you can remove specific contacts from syncing (if you or your agents are using a personal number for work).

Second, it displays messages from Whatsapp inside of a Deal connected to the Person. You can now see all the related communication via email and Whatsapp in one place. If you need to dive deeper or send a reply, the integration inserts a shortlink to a Whatsapp chat with a contact.

Third, you may connect your own number, or multiple numbers of your sales agents. The integration doesn't require Whatsapp Business API, works with multiple regular and business numbers. The setup only takes scanning a QR code and connecting PipeDrive in one click.

We offer a free 10-day trial. Considering it only takes 5 minutes to connect Whatsapp to PipeDrive, you may get a full picture of the integration within this time. Let me know if you have any questions? I will be glad to learn what you think!

Here is... (More)

Kyrylo Taranenko
Product Manager TimelinesAI

[Survey] How do you use Whatsapp in your work with clients?

Hi, people!  

My team and I are working on a way to improve the sales team`s efficiency on Whatsapp. Specifically, we're developing the automatic Whatsapp to PipeDrive integration. I'm looking to find out how you use Whatsapp in your work now: for lead gen, sales, account management, long-term customer relations, etc. 

Please fill in this survey (takes 5-10 minutes, I checked!):

We're 3 years on the market already, but will be developing a direct/native integration of Whatsapp to a CRM for the first time, so your input is highly appreciated. 

Your answers will help me understand your goals and the ways you're accustomed to using Whatsapp in your work. This will help my team to develop a solution that is tailored to your needs. As a thank you for your time, we will invite you for beta access and provide your team with a discount once the solution is ready. 

I'm not looking to sell anything to you, so you will find out the title of our company only if you complete the survey! (wink-wink). But I'm looking forward to learning about how your team is using Whatsapp and Pipedrive, so in case you want to discuss your needs in more detail, please book a short call:

I am also open to sharing my expertise on Whatsapp or answering questions that you may have about it. Please ask away.