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Pipedrive Outlook Sync
Pipedrive Outlook Sync
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Sales Process: Linking Email 'Threads' to Deals - Pipedrive as a source of truth for email/Customer communication

Emails in Pipedrive is quite the hassle for us.

  • Smart Bcc / Automatic Linking Does not work if you have more than one deal for a Person - which we always do...
  • Using Email directly in Pipedrive is really lacking - We cannot expect our salespeople and other users to shift away from Gmail or Outlook.

This presents a problem if we want our email threads to be linked to specific deals and use Pipedrive as a source of truth when it comes to communication with our customers.

There are 2 Options

  1. For each new thread, Go to Pipedrive Inbox... (More)
Erhan Ercan
Head of Global Business Development

Sync existing Outlook calendar events with new Pipeline activites?

In order to avoid duplication and to streamline work, is there a way to pick an existing calendar event ( a meeting invite for example) as a Pipedrive scheduled activity?


Sue Steckle
VP Business Development

Completed Activities Synching to Outlook Calendar

Hi, I am getting a very needlessly cluttered calendar after turning on calendar sync from Pipedrive into my Outlook Calendar (I initially had two-way sync and quickly turned that off, that's a whole different story).

When I send a message or call a prospect, and then go into Pipedrive to document it by creating a new activity that I complete for today, it pushes this completed activity to my calendar. I just opened and completed it one step to document what I had done.

I don't need it on my calendar. Is there a way that anyone has found to... (More)

Bernard FrugaCommunity Driver
Management Consultant & Project Leader

Przełączenie z kalendarza Google na Outlook

Przerabiałem ostatnio przeniesienie mojego profilu z kalendarza Google na Outlook i może to być przydatne dla osób w podobnej sytuacji.

W moim profilu nie było zakładki Calendar sync (Settings > Tools and apps) a była tylko zakładka Google Calendar.

Co było potrzebne do zmiany:

1. kontakt z obsługą klienta (chat)

2.  wyłączenie przeze mnie synca z kalendarzem Google

3.  zmiana ustawień przez pracownika wsparcia

4. wyczyszczenie ciasteczek i przelogowanie

5. ustawienie synchronizacji z Outlook Calendar


Więcej o synchronizacji kalendarza jest na stronie (wideo tutorial ma polskie napisy):