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Pipedrive Outlook Sync
Pipedrive Outlook Sync
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Troy McGee
Government Project Developer

Outlook Sync using UTC time zone

Calendar items synced with Outlook show the UTC time with "Time zones" flag enabled in Outlook.  This causes confusion especially when sharing calendar items with others that will see the UTC time.  I have used other applications in the past that did not have this issue.

John Marsh
Business Broker | M&A Advisor

Archive in Outlook = Archive in PD

It would be wonderful if my inbox in PD would match my inbox in Outlook. When I delete an email in Outlook it will delete it from my inbox in PD, but the same can't be said for archiving. Can you please add this to the "wish list?"


Jeffrey Dromeshauser
VP of Business Development

Outlook Sync

I just noticed...probably should have before...that any recurring Outlook items sync to Pipedrive as LOCKED activities and cannot be removed.  This is troublesome when that item may have ended as you cannot remove it from your Pipedrive calendar or use that time for Scheduler.

Would love it if there was a way to get that fixed.

Anyone using Outlook add-on "Send Personally"?

It allows me to put many names in the “To” field in Outlook, then in the body use a salutation like, “Hello “ then type “%USERFIRSTNAME%,” hit “Send Personally” instead of “Send” and voila, from one email I have many emails sent, each with a customized “Hello {firstname},”. Thus, each recipient gets their own email and has no idea I sent the exact same one to many other people.

These used to attach individually to the correct Deals in Pipedrive. A little over a year ago, something changed and now when I do this, Pipedrive randomly chooses one of the... (More)