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Pipedrive Outlook Sync
Pipedrive Outlook Sync
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Add one way contact sync from Pipedrive to apps

We should have the ability to have a one way contact sync from Pipedrive to supported apps (Google, iCloud, Outlook). It's pretty frustrating when you have all these features but remove the most basic items we need.

The current integration only supports 2 way sync or 1 way sync from app to pipedrive. A major point of paying for pipedrive's superior contact management system is to actually use it as a contact management system-- which should be as the source of truth of your data base.

With that said most users don't want the possibility of a rogue app, sync... (More)

Igor Abade
CEO, CloudMotion. Microsoft Regional Director.

Let me accept meeting invitations from the Pipedrive Inbox

Currently, when I get a meeting request from a contact, all I see in Pipedrive is an email with the standard email controls (1) and an ICS file (2) attached to it:

In addition to those, I'd expect it to offer the standard meeting controls (accept, decline etc.) found in Outlook:

The rationale here is that I want to stay in Pipedrive for as long as possible to maximize my productivity, but this is one of those small "paper cuts" that keep forcing me to go back and forth between Pipedrive and Outlook (and sometimes even Teams).



Is an Outlook Add-in / Plug-in coming?

Is there anything in the works to have an Outlook Add-in?

I saw you recently announced a Gmail version, and it looks great, but my company lives in Outlook!!!


is pipedrive looking into being able to start a deal within outlook?