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Pipedrive Outlook Sync
Pipedrive Outlook Sync
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Import only relevant emails from Outlook or O365

Hi all, I get hundreds of emails a day and I only want to import into Pipedrive relevant emails from Outlook or O365. I simply cannot see how to select only certain emails with specific subject lines or keywords in the body of some emails that populate in Pipedrive. 

I can do this with from email but not Pipedrive. Example (where subject line in Inbox= “new lead” or where sender is from sales@xxx).

Also, I want to import an email to a lead but want to use the emails body as fields for organisation and person. all I can see is that the organisation and person has ti already exist in Pipedrive. 

any help or suggestions please?

many thanks 

Syncing contacts with Outlook 365

The contact synchronization with Outlook 365 does work fairly well, but there are 2 main issues that we are encountering:

  1. The synchronization does populate the expected outlook contact fields (Last name, First name, address, email, phone, etc.).  Except that the Outlook contact field "File as" stays blank.  Therefore, the all the contacts in outlook are in a "random" order with no way to sort !
  2. In our organization, people that do not have a direct line or an extension are entered with no phone number since this would be redundant to repeat the same phone number that is already in the organization's phone number field. Therefore, these contacts appear in outlook with no phone number.

Has anyone encountered these issues and found any solution ?

workflow emails - send with outlook instead?

Is it possible to have outlook send my automated emails instead of Pipedrive?  I switched my "send email links" to outlook and it works well, but I would love to automate my emails with workflows but I cannot due to limitations in Pipedrive's email. My company is very specific about fonts used, buttons (links), logos and signatures.  Or - can I create a workaround where automation creates the email for me to cut and paste it into my email?  (less desirable, but better than nothing)

Hoi ben bezig met het maken van een afspraak via Pipedrive -> Outlook echter zie bij al mijn afspraken dat de tijdzone verkeerd staat. Weet iemand hoe je dit kan fixen?