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Feature request: allow a special field in each Deal to be viewable from the Pipeline view of the Deals page

The use case is as follows:

My org has added a "TL;DR" field to Deals, and every deal must have a 1-3 sentence summary of the latest deal status in this field. One sentence is preferable.

My feature request is to have this one, special field be viewable from the Pipeline view of the Deals page, instead of forcing us to drill down into each Deal's page just to read a single sentence. Pipedrive is not a fast tool and this can get quite tiresome.

Some thoughts on implementation:

My preference would be to have this optional special field print... (More)

Add custom Organization field to Deal Title (using workflow automation)

Hi all,

For my startup doing work for healthcare organizations, we have numerous deals per organization. It's therefore super important to have an overview in the Pipeline of what department the deal is about, not just the organization. I have managed to add the organization department to each Deal Title through wf automation, but I cannot seem to be able to add department details (or any custom fields) to the Deal Title.

Am I missing something?


Organizing deals in Pipeline view based on Date created

Wouldn't it be really useful to be able to organize deals in the pipeline from the most recent ones to the oldest ones? 

Have custom fields appear in the side bar in some Pipelines but not others, e.g. pipeline for dealing with complaints, ... only for that pipeline and not others.