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Martin Pecha
Growth Manager at COGVIO

How do you deal with retention in Pipedrive?

We SaaS model and once in a year, we need to renegotiated deals. What is your best practise, how you keep all transparent?

Darshan Bachhawat
Chief Commercial Officer

Report to understand # of deals entering a stage for the first time

Hi, I'm trying to use the Insights reporting and specifically the Deals Progress report to identify which deals entered into a certain stage in a given month. For example, we have Stages named Active Lead --> Engaged Lead --> Decision Maker Engaged. I'm interested in seeing how many deals are going into Engaged Lead from Active Lead. This tells me how many new qualified opportunities my team is creating each month. I am using the "Stage Entered" field in the report, but the problem is this also captures deals that moved backward (i.e. from Decision Maker Engaged back to Engaged... (More)

How do you use Pipedrive?

I would be very curious to see how some of you fellow construction companies have your pipeline(s) built out, and what are some of the automations/custom fields you use for your sales and work fulfillment process. If anyone can reach out, we would be very grateful for your time.  Would love to bounce some ideas off eachother, and hopefully both benefit in using Pipedrive!

when to start adding deals

when do you guys start adding deals to your contacts?