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Pipeline View
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Any recruitment people working in Pipedrive

Hey guys,

My name is Coen from the Netherlands. Right now we are integrating everything in Pipedrive for our recruitment agency.

However, we are still figuring out the best practices to implement everything in our company.

So, are there any other recruiters here who have some tips regarding the funnels, integrations and other stuff? :)

With regards,


Using a custom pipeline for sequences?

I am thinking about creating a "prospecting pipeline" for my 5-8 week prospecting sequences. I have always reserved my Pipeline for deals but I am thinking this would be a nice visual for sequences and I could tie automation into each stage. I am sure others are doing this and I would like to hear your thoughts. 

Custom Fields in Pipeline Kanban view as well as Sorting functionality.

I Wish we could customize our views in the Kanban view of the pipeline including custom field. I really like what Notion has done with the ability to customize the view. I believe just the fact of having additional field could provide enough information to manage a pipeline more efficiently. Right now, I'm having to go in and out of opportunities to update info. It would be nice to do an update right from the card. I also wish you could sort the Kanban view pipeline in different ways, same as Notion. One of the features I would like is... (More)

파이프드라이브 가이드: 파이프라인 단계를 수정하려면 어떻게 하죠?

질문: 기본 생성된 파이프라인 단계를 수정하려면 어떻게 해야 하나요?


답변: 파이프라인 ... (More)