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Margaux Fiche
Customer Success Specialist

Deals and Pipeline set up for Saas Subscription products

Our SaaS product is sold on a Marketplace, each trial and sold licenses is converted into a deal in Pipedrive.

I'm looking for advice on how to handle the deal once it is lost (ie: the trial is not converted into a sale, a subscription is not renewed...). Do you leave the deal in the Pipeline? Did you add a special lane?  

I talked with Pipedrive customer service and they confirmed that the deal expiring cannot trigger any automation to move the deal. Has anyone else the same issue?


Gregory Paul
Sales & Operations Analyst

Multiple Pipedrive work flows with separate or unique Detail fields

Hi Pipedrivers.

I'm trying to run 2 brands from the one instance of PD. I'm wanting to capture different information that is relevant to those brands. Currently I have to separate instanced of PD and its effecting our ability to cross sell / capture client data. I'm wanting to combine instances, but under separate workflows.

The issue I'm seeing, is I cant have different 'details' on the individual pipelines. I can select different 'Important info' across the different workflows but these fields are all coming from a centralised pool of 'details' options.

  1. Can I have different 'details' data sets on... (More)
Karoliine PiilePipedrive Employee
Customer Success Operations Intern

“Custom fit Pipedrive to your business needs” webinar Q&A. Unanswered questions

Hi dear Pipedrivers!


Many thanks to all of you who were able to join James Campbell and Tonya Kilgore at the webinar last Tuesday. Today we are happy to let you know, that Tonya and our greatest Product team have finished answering your questions, that we didn’t have time for at the webinar. 

Find the Questions & Answers below in the “discussion” section.

We appreciate your thoughts so feel free to comment. 


Happy weekend to you ❤️

📽️ Webinar | Custom-fit Pipedrive to suit your business’ needs | September 7, 2021

  Register now 📍  |  Tuesday, September 7th  |  7am PCT / 3pm GMT

Join Pipedrive pro @James Campbell and Customer Success team lead @Tonya Kilgore for a discussion and Q&A session on how to make the most of features like Custom fields, Multiple Customizable Dashboards, and Multiple Pipelines that help you to adapt Pipedrive to the way you work, as well as an introduction to our Enterprise tier.


Date: Tuesday, September 7th

Time: 7am PCT / 3pm GMT

Register now 📍


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