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NOTES in the pipeline stages and colors

hello, can you please add to the stages in the pipelines a text space to add like NOTES, on how to use those stages, something that I can fill to explain how to use the flow, the stages the pipelines.. so my staff members can just hover on the title of the stage to see this text or click on an ICON? 

Maybe also add the possibility to  change the background color of the different stages, so if 2 stages are connected I can use the same background colors etc


What happens to deals in a deleted stage?

I want to delete some stages from a pipeline.  I don't have any active deals in those stages. But what will happen to the lost and won deals that were in those stages?

Should I move them to a different stage before deleting the stages?

Setting a default pipeline for the forecast view in deals

My company has been using Pipedrive for a number of year and until recently the application would remember the last pipeline i was viewing in the forecast view. If i close my browser and restart i would see the pipeline i was viewing. However this has now changed and all of my users new have the first pipeline being "All Pipelines" as the default view everytime we go back to pipedrive (whether we logged out or just closed the tab and returned to the url). 

Has anyone else experienced this and is there a way to return to how we used to see this? Its very confusing as to what has changed. 

Pipedrive Idea #325 : )

I think a nice feature to extend the "workflow automation" would be if a user could set a non recurring reminder or activity to populate when a specific deal reaches a specific point in the pipeline. This would be specific to the user and specific to the deal. 

For instance: If I want to be reminded to cash a customer's check at point 5 of the pipeline on a specific deal, it would be helpful to have an option that drops down from the pipeline in the deal and can select an option to populate an activity for me when the deal reaches this point.