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[Feature request] Mail new deal directly to a pipeline - create new deal at stage

It would be great to have dedicated emails, like

for every stage in a pipeline, so we could create a new deal at a specific stage by just sending a mail to these addresses.

This would make the integration with other tools easier.

Concerning pipe drive activity status change in second account

Hello we are using pipe drive on two accounts for me and my father, on my account when I change my activity from done or make date up to next week it changes from red to grey or green instantly where in my father account it does not change so and he have to refresh each case separately to see change in activity, basically stays red if he does not refresh browser manually, which makes lot of confusion for him. Is there any way to fix it? Thank you 

Laura Maier
Sales Operations Manager

Automation - Communication Pipeline and Stage move on Slack


I have set up an automation to watch some specific changes in deals on different pipelines (and stages). I am communicating into a Slack channel and would like to integrate the Pipeline and Stage name before and after the change has happened. The automation works fine but the Pipeline and Stages are only communicated in ID number format instead of Pipeline and Stage name.

I know this is something that I would be able to do via Zapier, but I would like to leave it here as suggestion. In this case I was looking for a quick fix automation to supervise that some changes are not being done and I wanted this to be set up in a few minutes - obviously going to Zapier and setting up there will take me longer (as I am not a pro user on Zapier (yet)).



Myyntiputken arkistointi

Moi, onko olemassa mitään fiksua konstia arkistoida tai vaihtoehtoisesti poistaa näkyvistä kokonaista myyntiputkea tuhoamatta sitä?  Meillä on yksi myyntiputki kohderyhmään, johon myynti saatiin ensin hyvään alkuun, mutta koronan takia pysäytettiin kokonaan ja sitä saatetaan jatkaa joskus tulevaisuudessa mutta ei ainakaan vuoteen