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4 modelos de funil de vendas para gerar mais leads 🎣

Seus clientes potenciais passam por uma jornada específica que determina se comprarão ou não de você. Um funil de vendas serve como uma representação visual dela. E sem um funil de vendas eficiente, as pessoas interessadas nos seus produtos ou serviços podem nunca fazer uma compra.

Além disso, um funil de vendas eficiente fornece insights importantes sobre o comportamento dos clientes. Os representantes podem usar essas percepções para converter prospectos em clientes frios em contatos quentes e, por fim, em clientes pagantes.

Clique aqui para aprender mais sobre 4 sugestões de modelos de funis de vendas que pode aplicar... (More)

Efir Media
International Branding, Web Design & UX/UI Agency

Change the 'rotting days' setting of the pipeline to count ONLY WORKING DAYS (not normal days)

At the moment, the pipeline counts weekends. Meaning if a deal is made on Mon 1st and doesn't move for 7 normal days, it will rot on Sunday 7th. However, it would make more sense for our business if it begins to rot on Tues 9th (7 working days vs 7 normal days).

Josh Monifi
Senior Customer Engagement Specialist

What do you do with Closed/Finished/Expired/Old Pipelines?

At our company, some of our Pipelines are used for recruitment into programs. Our teams recruit folks via Deals, and once enough companies have been recruited, the effort stops, Deals are marked as Won or Lost, and the Pipeline goes out of use. Since all Deals are marked as W/L, the Pipelines are empty (in Pipeline view).

So... what should we now do with these Pipelines? We have moved them to the bottom of the Pipeline list so they aren't in the way. And we don't want to delete them because we still want to run list View filter reports... (More)

Looking Pipeline funnel for graphic design studio

Hello I'm running a graphic design studio, I'm looking for an example of pipeline funnel that could help us to understand better how to shape ours. Would be welcomed any suggestion. Thanks.