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Problem solving / Workaround
Problem solving / Workaround
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Ishay Tentser
CEO at Initech Software Development Services & TimelinesAI(Shared Inbox for Whatsapp)

Using Pipedrive to mange outstaffing deals

Hi Folks!
We are looking for a way to use Pipedrive for an outstaffing business (matching candidates <> positions(deals)). There are many to many relations between candidates and positions.
The current workaround we use:

  1. We create candidates as Person in Pipedrive and assign them the label "candidate"
  2. We add them as participants for the deals they currently involved
  3. We use activities to keep a record of status updates

Some problems we haven't found a solution for:

  1. Keeping specific fields("Salary") private for most of the team members
  2. A dashboard/Report/View that shows a list of current/past deals the candidate is involved in(such... (More)

Pipedrive ja ERPLY

Kas on keegi kuskil näinud integratsiooni neile? Kliendiandmed omavahel synci.

Send Notes from Slack to Deal/Person/Org in Pipedrive

Has anyone figured out how to do this?

I tried it using + a custom Slack workflow but it's not working. 

Basically, I want to send notes I share with my team via Slack directly to Pipedrive and not have to log in each time to add notes I already shared in Slack. 

Outlook Calendar Synchronization (Problem with time zones)

Hello everybody,

we have a problem with the calendar synchronization with Outlook. Appointments that are entered via Pipedrive are displayed correctly in the main calendar view in Outlook. In the detail view, however, the appointment is shown two hours earlier. This problem is probably related to the transfer of the time zone, because in the detail view in Outlook the appointment is displayed with the time zone UTC even though the time zone is UTC +1. The Pipedrive Support cannot help here at the moment, does anyone have a solution for the problem?