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Problem solving / Workarounds
Problem solving / Workarounds
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Sync Data from Deal Details to Linked Contact

Hi all, perhaps this is something you can help me with.

I am looking for a simple way to collect the emails of my deals and sync them with the linked contact.

I am trying to set up the Mailchimp email integration. To do this, it requires the linked contact to each deal to have the email address listed. The contact must have the email, there is not a filter that allows for the email to come from the deal details, which is where I have all of mine listed. (note: our company admins have disabled to export feature, so... (More)

Import Function missing

Good day all, 

My boss recently got me/us onto Pipedrive and it looks great. However, I have an Excel doc with way over 100 active contacts that I want to mass-import, but the function is missing from my "Other" tab. Does anybody know how to remedy this please?

Unique data in Custom fields

Is there a solution for requiring a custom field data to be unique within PipeDrive?

Example: Field= Quote #, I should only have one quote number per deal. How can entry of a new deal get flagged or not processed is someone is typing in a quote # already that PipeDrive field.


Sending email from different email addresses


I have three separate email addresses linked to my Outlook mailbox and I would like to send marketing and sales emails from different emails. However I cannot figure out how as PD only syncs with the main mailbox and I cannot find a way to sent out emails from the other ones.

Is this really not possible or is there something I've missed?

Thank you for the help!