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Problem solving / Workarounds
Problem solving / Workarounds
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Pipedrive is down

Hi, any problem with pipedrive today? we're encountering downtime. Please advise urgent. Thanks!

Company name in mail template incorrect

When opening a mail template for a contact, the company name (automated cell) indicates the name of the PREVIOUS company I mailed a template to. I repeated this with multiple contacts, with the same result. (The first mail template after launching the app, the company name is empty.)

The same error with different templates.

I have cleaned cache and restarted the app several times to no avail. The problem occurs both in Chrome as well in Edge. 

The problem occurred only since today. Previously the templates worked excellent.


Sven Amann
Team Lead Marketing

Unable to send plain-text emails and sender name missing

I just discovered that Pipedrive is not sending plain-text emails anymore, even if there's no formatting in the mail. This was different only a short while ago. Is there any way to switch this back? We don't ever send HTML emails to individuals.

Any help highly appreciated!

Update: Support told me this is a bug and escalated to engineering.

Can Pipedrive handle numerous sales pipelines distinctly?

Sales Process Questions

We sell our speaker clients into paid speaking engagements, so each person is technically a product; the meeting planners who will hire them are the prospects. Each speaker/product is sold many times to different prospects. I'd like to color code/code each speaker/product distinctly and then assign each speaker to a different agent who works for me (remotely). Every speaker is re-sold many times to different prospects, and on rare occasion, one prospect will concurrently buy several of our speakers. One product, many prospects. I can probably figure out how to configure that in Pipeline...


We also sell books to publishers on behalf of those speakers. Each future author's book is its own product, which can only be sold one time, obviously. The publishers who buy those books are our prospects, but each publisher buys numerous books from us over the course of their career. Different products, one prospect. Sometimes, we're selling 5-6 different books at the same time. MAYBE a few of the publisher/prospects will overlap in their consideration of two of our books in the same time period.

All of this gets pretty tangled up and frankly, sometimes balls drop. We need to stop this from happening. HOW would we set this up in Pipeline to make sure every prospect for X speaking client is organized and easily distinguished; and all the prospects for a specific book are kept in one group so that we know that publisher is, for instance, looking at 2 of... (More)