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Problem solving
Problem solving

Questions - Are you stuck?

  • Are you trying to get a certain task done in Pipedrive but don't know how to?
  • Are you wondering how to get a certain automation in place?
  • Are you crafting a make-shift solution for a problem until a better, inbuilt solution comes along?
  • Do you think in terms of data, analytics, processes, and systems?


Answers - Have a solution?

  • Do you rely on bulk edits, custom fields, automation, and import/export to solve a problem quickly?
  • Is Zapier/Integromat your best friend?
  • Do you evangelize new apps in the marketplace?

Enjoy this space to find out-of-the-box solutions to some standard challenges.

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Miguel Carvalho
Founder and Manager @ Flexividro

Facturação automática para negócios ganhos (Portugal)


Uso Pipedrive há 5 anos mas só hoje me inscrevi aqui na comunidade. Bem haja a todos!

Como é que actualmente fazem a integração do Pipedrive com o vosso software de facturação? As integrações nativas disponíveis no marketplace são com Quickbooks e Xero e nenhum deles está pensado para o nosso mercado nem não certificados pela AT, o que impossibilita enviar o SAF-T directamente.

Neste momento fazemos a facturação à parte sem nenhum tipo de automatização e por isso estou a pensar passar a usar o Zapier com um software de facturação que trabalhe com o zapier (já descobri... (More)

Deal Creating

Why when creating a deal does it not prompt you too add an activity, am I missing something or do I have a setting turned off?

Akshay Gupta
Pipedrive Elite Partner

Use Pipedrive for cross selling and up selling existing customers

Pipedrive works best for closing new deals.
How to set up Pipedrive, for cross selling and up selling existing customers?

- This would require, allocation of customers to sales people.
- Maintainig data like, existing services which customer is using, priority, etc
- They shall interact with their set of customers of periodic basis to promote other products/services
- Once customer is interested for something, deal shall be created and closed.

Our main goal is to know our customers and make them aware about our products and services, by making relationships. This is long process and requires patience, but we... (More)

Proposal sent export to excel

We can't create now (we could before), the list of proposal sent in last week. We can't even see easily such list in Insights. 

It used to work with couple of clicks - now - no option.

Will it come back? 

Thank you.