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Motivation and Productivity
Motivation and Productivity


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❓ Work smarter, not harder? 

❓ How do you get yourself pumped when you're having one of those days?  

❓ What do you do to help you focus and get the most done with the least effort?

  • Music
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Screaming into a pillow

🗣️ Ask questions and share tips about Motivation and Productivity in your industry, in your country, at work.


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Songs to sell to: a Monday playlist 📻 🎶

One of the things the Sales Community team most like to do to boost our mood and productivity is creating and sharing theme playlists on Spotify. We will be creating a new playlist throughout this week that is dedicated to Mondays, and would love to have more suggestions from you the Community on songs that make your Mondays better.

Feel free to post your ideas in the comment section, here's a favorite of ours that's sure to brighten up a Monday ☀️

Click here to find the playlist we've created so far. We will reveal the final playlist this... (More)

Imprint detection when copy information from websites into organisation

My collegues life would be much more easy, if pipedrive would detect Address Information in the clipboard:

That means you copy and paste imprint data from a website into the companyfield. After that, pipedrive detects that this is a company name with an address and fills out the adress field automatically

Badcompany-> Company Name
Streetname 42 -> Address
30173 Hannover

This would boost productivity, because its painfull to copy each line manually in those fields.

Nicolas Meier
Sales & Business Development Manager

Call from top of the deal


Please make available that the name is also a phone link, so you save the scrolling down. 


Calendar Block-Offs

I would LOVE if Pipedrive could enable us to mark off certain days on the calendar for holiday/vacation/sick days. This way I don't set myself or my coordinator tasks on days we don't work.  I've mentioned this a few times, but I know it takes more people to make a difference. 

Hope there are other people that could benefit from this :)