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Motivation and Productivity
Motivation and Productivity


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❓ Work smarter, not harder? 

❓ How do you get yourself pumped when you're having one of those days?  

❓ What do you do to help you focus and get the most done with the least effort?

  • Music
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Screaming into a pillow

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Untangling remote communication pains

It’s been almost two years since Covid forced many of us to shift to remote work. I won’t deny it: I liked it, at first. Flexible working hours, no commute, waking up late–what’s not to like? Then along came the challenges. In retrospect, I should’ve seen it coming. It’s only natural that such a huge change would have consequences on our personal and professional lives. When it comes to workplace communication, and after discussing the topic with friends and colleagues, I’ve noticed the following challenges apply to many of us:

  • Misunderstandings
  • Lacking collaboration
  • Creative drought
  • Communication silos
  • Lack of feedback

The good news is I believe that, as all of the challenges stem from the same root: virtual over face-to-face communication, they can mostly be addressed and resolved, at least to a high degree. It’s important to remember that even if and when Covid itself is over, our professional communication will only become more virtual, whether because of distributed teams or the new working standard of working from home (which, like it or not, is probably here to stay).

Here are three tactics I find particularly helpful to tangle remote communication:

  1. Weekly team meetings 🗓️
    A weekly team meeting is a great starting point. You can use the time to discuss projects you’re working on, initiatives you need help with or anything else you have in mind. The key here is to hold these meetings regularly, same day and time, to allow everyone to attend them. You’ll be surprised by... (More)
Marta El BayCommunity Writer
Ecosystem Partnerships Manager

Take a moment to be grateful, your year was not only about work!

2022 is coming so fast! When I thought about my last post of 2021, I decided not to make it about my job. We spend so much time thinking in terms of productivity, deadlines, growth strategy,... that we just forget very often to stop and be grateful for all the other things that make our days worth being lived. 

I do not like New Year's resolutions, I prefer to set my intentions day by day, respecting my rhythm and embracing every little change that might occur, and change my plans.

I would rather end the year with gratitude for what I have been living up until now. I am grateful to my family and friends, who have been close to me and supported me throughout these years. I am grateful for having a job that I like, in a company that allows me to travel and see my loved ones more. I am grateful for all those little things that made every day special: a good book by the sea, a good art exhibition, an amazing camping experience with friends, a night walk listening to music and looking at the landscape,...

And you? What are you grateful for? 😊


Happy New Year! 🎉

A bit of what kept me motivated!
A bit of what kept me motivated!

🥊3 days to the end of the year: you got this.

Closing deals during the holidays is not easy but we see you fighting to get those signatures, those budget approvals, those renewals.


We wanted to give you some extra motivation so we chose this song - work with honor, humanity, and also grit. You can do it!


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🧑‍🚀 Astronauts' hidden secret to fight end-of-year burnout

It's the middle of the week.

It's the middle of the month.

It's almost the end of that whose name we do not utter the quarter.

What better to give you that extra energy boost than astronauts dancing to a funky tune? I myself can't think of anything, to be honest. ⚡💪 🚀


➡️ Find this and more songs in our Spotify playlist. Add your own energy-boosters to it!