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Discuss the Products feature and products in general.

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Need to Report by Product Category (and other custom fields)

For example, if Ford sells vehicles... They sell Trucks, Coupes, Sedans, Hybrids, etc.

Those would be considered product categories. We need to be able report on product categories. Versus sales on each individual product.

Reporting on each individual product is... (More)

Permissions Request: Allow/disallow users to edit product price and discounts in deals.

We have a sales team and within our company they don't have permission to modify or offer different product prices and/or add discounts unless a manager approves it. We would like for this to be enforceable within Pipedrive and only... (More)

How Can I Include Products Sold as Part of the Deals Listing?

"Products" does not appear as one of the optional (or mandatory) fields in the list of items that can be included in the deals list. Does anyone know whether it is possible to add this field please? If there are... (More)

Jan Visser
Sales Leader / General Manager

Option to set "Default Variation" in Products

For instance - product is a bycicle, variation is green, red or black.

Right now, it defaults to "none" which leads to an incorrect product configuration and incorrect data.

So either a default variation or the option to make a... (More)