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Not getting "unit_prices" when collecting Products from the API.

Hello Community,

We are collecting Product Fields from the /productFields endpoint. In the API response, we can find unit_prices field. But, when we are collecting Products using endpoint and params: items=file, since_timestamp=2022-01-31 23:59:59. We are not able to get that field in the API response even though we have value for that field in the UI. I have attached 3 images for reference purposes.

Unit Prices are set for products in the UI
Unit Prices are set for products in the UI
unit_prices field is present in the /productFields response
unit_prices field is present in the /productFields response
unit_prices not found in the products API response
unit_prices not found in the products API response


Can someone tell me if we are doing something wrong, or if there is an issue from the Pipedrive's side?


How can you build anticipation coming up to a new product launch?

One of the best ways to build anticipation for a new product is to draw out the suspense.

Suspense amplifies anticipation and helps grow a core product following before anyone knows much about it. 

Apple provides a great example of this. They keep the curtains closed about their newest products and engender mystery. In the past, this has resulted in endless speculation about their products before they’re even announced. 

Hint about your product early to draw out suspense. Over time, drip-feed exciting information to key people. Build a narrative and get people emotionally invested in your product. 

How do you set your new products up for success pre-launch?

Click here for a more in-depth look at some high-level strategies you can use to build anticipation for your product and drive sales at launch.

Please add product variations to quick add menu

When you quick-add a deal, you can add products (👍) but can't choose a variation (😢). Would be great if this could be added.

What is brand positioning and why is it important to your marketing strategy?

A brand’s positioning comprises several elements, including (but not limited to) its name, identity and price point. These elements are woven into a narrative, also known as brand messaging, that customer operations, marketing and sales can use. 

Trusted brands have a competitive advantage. A recent Edelman survey found 81% of respondents need to trust a brand before they’ll buy from them.

This is why strong brand positioning is important for any marketing strategy. 

Let’s use hypothetical software products as an example: 

  • Product A is made by an established brand that offers B2B companies a way to automate marketing using API
  • Product B offers a no-code solution to connect apps without building from scratch

No-code triggers don’t require an engineer and will save a company time. Brand two can market Product B as an efficient, easy-to-use automation tool that doesn’t require a specialist. 

It differentiates them from their competitors (Product A and similar solutions), highlighting the customer value immediately and giving Product B a unique, trust-building platform.

Click here for a more in-depth look at the importance of brand positioning in marketing, plus how four successful companies use it.