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Discuss the Products feature and products in general.

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파이프드라이브 가이드: 엑셀 스프레드시트에서 데이터 가져오기

질문: 기존 영업정보가 들어있는 엑셀 스프레드시트가 있는데, 이걸 파이프드라이브에 올리려면 어떻게 해야 하나요.

답변: 다음 네이버 블로그 포스트 참고하세요.

파이프라인 관리 팁: 엑셀, 스프레드시트를 사용하여 파이프드라이브로 데이터 가져오기(마이그레이션) 



Report by product

Is there a simple way to report by product type? we have created a field with product in

Product Groups/Pre-sets

Is it possible to create lists/templates where the Products pre-fill?

The only way I can think of explaining it is like when you use a recipe, you know it requires certain ingredients, but those ingredients could also be used in other recipes (so you want the ability to link products to multiple templates). Instead of the user having to go and manually add all the ingredients each time, they just click the recipe and the many ingredients populate in the deal.

I want to do this in a Financial Services context, where to provide advice on super consolidation, you need... (More)

Product Conversion - Insights

Hi Pipedrive, 

Could you advise on when Insights will give the functionality of reporting on conversion rates vs. products please?

Products has been great for us and gives us the ability to streamline the number of pipelines we have, rather than having pipelines based on product. However, in its current form we can get conversion rates per pipeline, but not against Products, so this is holding us back. 

Look forward to hearing back.