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Discuss the Products feature and products in general.

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Jason McGehee
Senior Strategy Consultant for Nashville Dental, Inc.

Senior Strategy Consultant for Dental Strategic (a Nashville Dental, Inc. company)

Would appreciate any examples of how you are attaching files to products. Would that be applicable in any workflow? Also, what if your product is a % of a deal value and not a flat amount? How do you handle that? Thank you in advance for any support!

Regarding e-signatures

I wish you would stick to the core of your product and focus on the Leads feature and make it fully functional.

Releasing s product that is not really working, not connected properly to insights etc.

Increase your workflow opportunities... stuff like that.

So many eSigning tool out there doing the whole sales enablement part better than you guys. And believe me - the list and request for what you have started it endless.

Can we collaborate?

Can we chat in the doc?

Can we do reviews?

Could we upload videos?

Can you build an editor...

Just stick to the... (More)

Ted YounCommunity Driver
Software Engineer at Hashsnap

Translation Mistakes: 'Variations' in Product


I'm filing another translation mistakes in Product Variation.

In English version, I have no problem at all.

In Korean version, however, I have three problems.

  1. 'Add variation' in the green button
    • '다른 상품 추가' means 'Add product' rather than 'Add variation'.
    • The correct translation must be '변형 추가'
  2. 'No variations added yet'
    • '아직 추가된 종류 없음' means 'No categories added yet'.
    • The correct translation must be '아직 추가된 변형 없음'
  3. Variations allow splitting a product into sub-products with different prices
    •  I think '하나의 상품을 서로 다른 가격을 가지는 하위 상품으로 분할하려면 '변형'을 이용하세요.' sounds better.

Hope this helps.

Need to show all prices for products

we need to be able to show the DISCOUNTED UNIT price for each product when we do quotes. right now we can show "unit price' which is MSRP and we can show the "product amount" which is the discounted price. BUT THAT ONLY WORKS IF WE HAVE QTY 1 per product. if you have more than one you cant see the unit cost of each item and it gets VERY confusing

Son what we want is the super standard pricing for a quote

SKUProductDescriptionMSRP (Unit price)Qty Discount %UNIT Price (after discount)Product Line total