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Project Management
Project Management
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Project management in Pipedrive

Hi Pipedrivers 🚀

If you are managing projects in Pipedrive or have tried in the past then I need your input for the following questions:

  1. How are you managing your projects in Pipedrive, what features are you using and what do you like about the experience?
  2. What functionality would make managing projects in Pipedrive better and is missing now. Why would you need this functionality?

Curious to hear your thoughts! 🙏🏻

Tracking projects after a win. How do you use Pipedrive to manage lets say assigning tasks to your production team to fulfill a won deal?

I work for a LED lighting manufacturer. We currently use Copper, and I want us to move to Pipedrive. Copper has a section for Projects, things that have to happen after a sale happens (ours has To Do, In Progress, and Done in a board view). Is there anything like that in Pipedrive? I know there is an integration to Trello, but I'd like to keep it all in Pipedrive rather than then go to a third party app.


Prosjektstyring med Pipedrive


Det er mulig jeg er alene om dette, men det ville ha vært utrolig bra dersom det hadde vært mulig å bruke Pipedrive til å håndtere enkle prosjekter direkte i CRM-systemet.

Er det noen av dere som har erfaring med dette eller vet om dette er noe som kommer?

Mvh, John

Project managment

Anything here? Being able to copy a deal to a project would be awsome. I know i know; Asana and all the others. But one tool (just add on the price) is better if you ask me. One place to login, one browser etc.