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Project Management
Project Management
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Carry fields from Deals to Projects

When we convert a deal into a project, much of the data carries over, but not all. We would like to carry the 'Value' field over, so in addition to seeing see how much potential revenue is in the deal pipeline, we can also see how much revenue is in the project pipeline. 

Additionally, we created a Cost Basis custom filed in deals. We would also like that to carry over to the projects so we can see both revenue & cost in the project pipeline. 

While you could start with allowing specific fields to carry over, you could also give users an option to select which fields to carry over and which to leave. 

Thank you for considering!

Morten Sørensen
Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

Project insights and workload reporting

I've been closely following the development of the project module, and it's safe to say that I'm excited about the progress so far. However, I'm still curious about what the future brings in regards to a couple of features that are incredibly important for us:

  1. Adding projects to insights for progress reporting.
  2. Creating a workload report for all users assigned to open projects.

I apologise in advance is either has already been discussed and answered.

Projects in Pipedrive

Is there a way that I can mark a deal as won, without losing it from my deal screen... Im using Pipedrive to track projects from sales through to completed deliveries on site

Pipedrive hjälper dig att hantera dina projekt

Pipedrive är känt som ett av de mest uppskattade säljstödssystemen inom B2B. Vill man ha kontroll på efterföljande leveransprojekt så har man fått använda Trello, Nifty eller liknande program (ibland har man även försökt trycka in leveranserna som säljprojekt i Pipedrive med blandad framgång). Ska man växla mellan program så är integrationen mellan programmen viktig så man slipper mata in samma information flera gånger.

Men snart så slipper du byta program. Pipedrive har nyligen släppt en Beta-utgåva på funktionen Pipedrive Projekt. Du kommer att känna igen dig om du tidigare jobbat i Pipedrive med din försäljning.

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@Mike van der Valk