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Project Management
Project Management
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Task/delivery/project management in Pipedrive.. need help?

"Edit: We've found enough people to interview, thank you all"


We are researching how we could help our customers better with managing their tasks/projects within Pipedrive. 🚀

Do you think we can do better in this regard and do you have 20-30 minutes to talk, then please book some time with me for next week via this link.

To follow our progress further join our closed community channel as well.

Talk soon 🙏 .


Looking for a GREAT flexible calendar with Zapier / Integromat connection

Hello All,

I'm working with a roofing company that has 2 in house crews and sub contracts work out to various crews depending on the complexity and location of the job. I can't seem to find any great calendar applications that everyone can easily access and I can integrate into Pipedrive via Zapier or Integromat. Anyone have any thoughts? I'm all for using 1 less cloud application and sticking with a Google shared calendar but, this is tough as well. How does everyone else manage home construction or similar jobs with so many crews needing information?

What resource planning software can we integrate with?

In our professional services quotations we allocate future resources. We would need to get insights about the capacity for delivering projects once we win it. And manage the resource in the post sales face. We have an integration with Quickbooks but there is no module for resource management.

DEAL ID....please make this a field that can be made visible in deal view.

Please make DEAL ID a field that can be made visible in deal view.  We would like to use the DEAL ID as our Project ID as a project moves through sales cycle and into production process but this field cannot currently be made visible.  EASY CHANGE I should think.