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Mathias Jonsson
Owner of

Feature Request: Integrate CC Payments (Stripe) to Request Signature Page // How are you handling CC payments?

Would it be possible to integrate Stripe to accept credit cards and begin billing from the final Request Signature page?



How is everyone accepting payments after the client signs a proposal?

I'm currently using but I feel like this would be a great feature to have in Pipedrive to reduce buying friction.



Stephen Silk
Owner and chief dogsbody

Volume pricing


I have a sales model that uses Volume Pricing eg 1 item costs $100; 20 items cost $90 each; 50 items cost $80 each, which makes quoting currently a very manual process. The usual way recomended to handle this is to create a separate product for each price level. Now, this would work nicely if I only had a few products, but I have around 130 000 of them with 5-7 price levels each, so it's not a practical solution for me.
I can think of three ways to handle this:

  1. The software handles it natively. Which would be... (More)