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Stephen Silk
Owner and chief dogsbody

Volume pricing


I have a sales model that uses Volume Pricing eg 1 item costs $100; 20 items cost $90 each; 50 items cost $80 each, which makes quoting currently a very manual process. The usual way recomended to handle this is to create a separate product for each price level. Now, this would work nicely if I only had a few products, but I have around 130 000 of them with 5-7 price levels each, so it's not a practical solution for me.
I can think of three ways to handle this:

  1. The software handles it natively. Which would be... (More)

New: eSignatures in Sales Documents for Enterprise and Professional ✍️ 📄

eSignatures in Sales Documents
eSignatures in Sales Documents


We’ve added eSignatures to our Sales Docs feature so you can get documents signed using Pipedrive, without needing extra software or having to print and scan copies. 

eSignatures is currently in Beta and during that time you can enjoy the unlimited usage of it (exclusive for Pro and Enterprise plan users).

Read more about this launch:

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