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Sales Documents + MS Word - Usability tests!

Usability tests - Want to try Sales Documents working with Microsoft Word and OneDrive?

Hi everyone!

We have been cooking new features to help you out closing deals faster by automating your quotes and proposals management.

After starting with Google Docs, we heard you!
We have recently added MS Word and OneDrive to it, and it is time for you to tell us if we are on the right track!

For that we have available prototype and live tests for this and next week!

Should you want to give it a try please pick a time from this calendar :)... (More)

Proposal template


am lost and i can't create a proposal template with pipedrive

am using a professionel microsoft account to attach my docuement 

but when i opened it i can't found the pipedrive field to do mapping

i missing some steps am sur can i have some help please

guide, video or suggestion

thanks a lot

Octavio Yoshio Hozawa
Executivo de Vendas do Mercado Livre

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