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New: OneDrive and Sharepoint now in Sales Documents! 📄


Work with your everyday business applications: now you can integrate Sales Docs with leading cloud storage service platforms like OneDrive or SharePoint (as well as with Google Drive, which users could integrate already) to ensure your documents are kept secure and accessible, all in one place.

For whom?

Users in the Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise plans.

How does it work?

❓Are you a OneDrive/Sharepoint user? Are you going to start using this integration right away? Comment below.

🔎 Learn all about Sales Documents with our Knowledge Base tutorials and our blog article in your preferred language.... (More)

Feedback on a Hackathon Idea (If it wins, we can build it in PD) 💡❗

Hi, I am Ambar, Product Manager at Pipedrive.

We are working on a cool idea for Hackathon in Pipedrive. Our idea is called client portal. Basically, salespeople or account managers can share files, notes, documents or invoices with their client. And clients can create an account in PD and see all the communication.

Clients can also leave a note, upload documents or schedule a call with a salesperson. A place for salesperson and clients to collaborate. Any feedback, ideas and suggestions are welcome.

❗You can comment here with your ideas or can schedule a video call with me until... (More)

GetAccept vs. PandaDoc

If you have tried both of these integrations, I would love to hear some pros vs cons. 


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