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Proposals & contracts
Proposals & contracts
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need help PD

Good day I need assistance

I have this one thing I want to implement. its relating to Contracts

  1.  can PD assist me when I sign a deal with my client I want PD to automatics update my calendar continue running for 34 Months and at Month 34 it must create and meeting with my Client because client have a 5 year Contrack. all updated entry up to 34 months must be phone call entry ant month 34 must be booking.
  2. and then on same one every selected month can it automatic do a meeting with the client.

Proposal, Invoice and PD integration

@Smart Lotto Administrator  


I am looking for add-ins to manage proposals and invoices from the deals we have in our pipelines.  Anyone had any experience/success they can share.   We currently use Dolibar for proposals which is more of an industrial ERP and too clunky to consider trying to Zap - looking to change.   I am considering  Better Proposal and Quickbooks or xero but have not linked them to pipedrive yet.  For tech support - are there any examples of customers linking pipedrive , proposals and invoicing.  A big bonus would be to create proposal templates in multiple languages

Documents and cloud services in PD

I have taken a deeper look at PD’s handling of cloud integration and documents and would like product managers and engineers have a deeper look at this issue. We all need to deliver lawful, sustainable, and user-friendly services. To meet these goals, some work seems necessary.

  1. By default, PD stores any documents created or uploaded to PD on its standard cloud services (I believe AWS). Documents can be accessed from the PD application. As of now (correct me if I am wrong), there is no automated document backup scenario that users can control. You can address documents’ hyperlinks via PD... (More)

Smart Docs - What's planned?

Hi Pipedrivers!

I was wondering, what the longterm plan for Smart Docs is - will we be able to set up text fields, or even Spreadsheets, that the customer has to fill out (i.e. like PandaDoc)? 
Only Text and Pipedrive fields is not enough to build an decent Document in many cases!

Thanks in advance.

@Inês Batata