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Proposals & contracts
Proposals & contracts
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Smart Docs - What's planned?

Hi Pipedrivers!

I was wondering, what the longterm plan for Smart Docs is - will we be able to set up text fields, or even Spreadsheets, that the customer has to fill out (i.e. like PandaDoc)? 
Only Text and Pipedrive fields is not enough to build an decent Document in many cases!

Thanks in advance.

@Inês Batata 

Remove Getaccept from my Pipedrive banner.

Can someone help me remove a redundant app from my PD banner?

Many thanks 

Experto en Pipedrive - Fundador @ AGILIZA.

Persona + Participants fields on an automated document

Hi! I am trying to create a document from Pipedrive  deals. The challenge is that I need to use the Persona fields and the participants fields on that document. I have seen that with Smart Docs  I can only use the person fields.  Do you know if Panda Doc or any other Doc app can help me use Personas and Participants data fields? Thanks so much for your advice. 

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