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Daniel Disney
LinkedIn & Social Selling Author, Speaker + Trainer

Import prospect details from LinkedIn to Pipedrive instantly...

One of my new favourite apps for Pipedrive which imports prospect details from LinkedIn straight into the CRM instantly! LinkPort is free to download from marketplace and is so handy. Each time you visit a prospects LinkedIn profile it will give you the option to send their details (name, email, phone number) straight into Pipedrive. Let me know if you give it a go :)


Goava Discover on Sales Intelligence - työkalu älykkääseen myyntityöhön

Moi kaikille!

Meidän markkinapaikka on rikastunut uudella prospektointi työkalulla.  Goava hyödyntää tekoälyä tiedonkeruussa ja peilaa sitä CRM:stä löytyvään dataan. Goava on Vainua vastaava edullisempi työkalu. Luonnollisesti Pipedrive integraatio löytyy. 


Markus Paakkonen (Linkedin) / Account Manager



Prospector Issue

Hi folks, 

I have started to use the Prospector tool, out of my first 3 credits I have used I got bounce backs from 2 of them even though it said the quality was 'excellent' so really I would expect those to be delivered!

Has anyone used this before and come up against the same challenge?

If it is no good then I will simply explore other Business Development options!



Jasper McEwan
Sales & Marketing Manager

Would anyone else see the benefit of having 'leads' visible on the contact or organisation view?

If a lead is set up it seems that it is only visible in the Leads inbox currently, which is fine but would anyone else find it useful to know when you are on contact if they have any leads open in the past or they have one open currently?

Similar to the way deals are shown.

To me, the leads feature would be really useful but there is no clear disconnect to a contact/organisation and ?

What are others' thoughts on this?