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Smart contact data info button for all contacts

Developers! I would love a way to have the smart contact data info apply to all orgs/contacts en masse rather than having to go into each one and manually do it one by one. It's probably my favorite feature, please upvote my fellow pipedrivers!!!!

Streamline prospecting

When working in an organization, you can see all the people that are related to that organization and without clicking on the specific person (just pointing your mouse there) you automatically get a new small tab that shows the person's email and phone number. My suggestion here is to also show the person's title, so I don't need to go in manually on that person to know which position he or she holds in a company.

Import prospects with defaults tags

Hey Pipedrive community :) 

When I import my prospects inside the prospects box, I can't add a default tag (for example "à prospecter"). It would be so cool to be able to add a tag automatically (from a xlx) without needing to add it manually one prospect by one prospect... 

The other solution would be to be able to filter my latest added prospects and select them in one click. Currently, it's impossible :( 

What do you think about this idea ? 


Best regards,


Follow up & Reporting Training

Hello, we use Pipedrive and my company has asked me to train our sales team on using it more effectively. I need to train them on using it for better follow up with prospects and generate clear reporting, any ideas are highly appreciated