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Bernd AuerPipedrive Expert
Managing Director - -

deal source => standard field

A field for "Deal Source" should be standard (of course in the deals/leads). Literally every of our customers needs it. And it should be filled automatically by the webforms, the prospector, the web visitors and other sources and not via automisation. And it should be possible to run reports it in the insights also with the advanced license. 

Pipedrive Prospector

Hi guys. Can someone explain to me in more detail how Pipedrive prospector credits are working? How many leads can i get from 1 credit? 

Increase the number of leads by prospecting on a large scale


I am looking for solutions or an expert to support me in the automation of prospecting for my startup. I want to prospect a large-scale sector and increase the number of leads by automatically creating a database, then retrieve the contact details of the decision-makers, add this data to Pipedrive and automatically prospect by email. 

Thanks for your help ! Romane 

What permissions need to be set to access/add leads from Prospector?

When using Prospector, we are getting a pop-up message saying we don't have the needed permissions when trying to click the + Lead icon.  What permissions need to be set?