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Prospector is great search engine but it's really not a bargain

Hello Pipedrivers!

First of all I need to say that I love the quality of service that I've been provided with so far. Support is always spot on and system itself is really good HOWEVER there is one thing that might use an improvement.

I'm talking about prospector and it's credits. Generally speaking - I get it, business informations should have a price tag on and it's fine but the way the credits need to be replenished is unfortunately far from ideal FROM MY POINT OF VIEW (I want to emphasise that it's subjective).

How it works right now :... (More)

Prospector - Add the job title to the lead

It would be great if we were able to see the job titles of leads we add from prospector, and the company name too..

At the moment the job title is just dumped into a note which doesn't help anyone prioritise with batches of leads when using the leads screen.  Can someone let me know if this might be added at some stage?  also the ability to send mass emails to leads?

Many thanks