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With the Pipedrive–QuickBooks integration, you can now create invoices from deal detail view without having to send emails to accountants.

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Quickbooks Integration-Would love to learn from others

I am trying to "sell" to our finance office why there's value in integrating our Quickbooks with PIpedrive but would love to talk to some people who have this integration setup. One of our biggest pain points is Sales Reps and Account Managers not knowing if invoices have been sent/paid so there's a lot of back and forth that I am hoping could be eliminated. If someone has 10-15 mins to chat with me about this, please email me at

Jim Martin
Accounting and Bookkeeping

How to Rebuild and Verify Data Files in QuickBooks Desktop

Verifying and rebuilding data utility in QuickBooks desktop can help in fixing various errors that might be experienced in QuickBooks often. One can experience data issues within the company file, which can be easily rectified using verifying and rebuilding data utility. The verify data tool self identifies and consider the common data issues in a company file, whereas the rebuild data tool is used for resolving the data integrity problems found by the verify data tool. 

In this write-up, we will be talking about the steps to verify and rebuild data utility in QuickBooks desktop. However, if you need our assistance at any point of time, then connect with our tech geeks using our support line. 



I would like a feedback regarding the Pipedrive - Quicbooks integretion.

Would it possible to send the desired fields from a Pipedrive deal to a Quickbooks invoice ? Some custom data created in Pipedrive must be displayed in my invoice 

Is there a way to send the invoice Number generated by Quickbooks to the Pipedrive deal ?

Many thx for your help


Quickbooks and Pipdrive

Hi, we have just connected our Quickbooks with our Pipedrive and all is working great except that the "balance" field is always returning "0".  Anyone have any experience of this that would be able to assist correct this?