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With the Pipedrive–QuickBooks integration, you can now create invoices from deal detail view without having to send emails to accountants.

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SISTEMA CONTABIL (Quickbooks? Holded? Otros?)

Hola amigos,

que programa de facturas ustedes utilizan? Hacen integrado con Pipedrive?

Hoy estamos haciendo todo manual y con un sistema viejo de contabilidad, pero nos gustaria cambiar para uno que fuera en la nuven y todo integrado para:

  • generar facturas a los clientes
  • tener un sistema de contabilidad
  • cumplir con la legislación en España (y EU) y tener toda gestión de IVA
  • Integrar con Pipedrive - ya facilitar la creación de facturas con los productos etc
  • Si posible (deseable), también generar Presupuestos y albaranes, gestión de provedores y stock

Estaba pensando en utilizar:


Ustedes ya... (More)

Billing Contacts for Organizations/Deals


How does PipeDrive designate a billing contact for an organization/customer and/or an opportunity/deal?

Do we need to create custom fields at the Organization level? Or do we designate one of the connected people contacts as the billing contact?

The context of this is that we're integrating SaasOptics with our QuickBooks and Pipedrive. Getting a billing contact that is synched through these various platforms is important in our invoicing workflow.

Thanks for any insight!


QuickBooks Integrations - What are you using?

I’m in a situation where I need to use quotes/estimates and naturally invoices when a deal reaches the proper phase in the sales lifecycle. I use QuickBooks Online (QBO) for my accounting.

I’d love to hear what others are doing for integration between Pipedrive and QBO. Are you using IFTT, SyncQ, or something else?

I’ve been experimenting with SyncQ but so far it has been overly complex, litters the Pipedrive UI with a bunch of SyncQ data I’d prefer not to see all the time and just isn’t providing the level of automation synchronization (without having to click sync to... (More)

Quickbooks Integration

We absolutely love that we have the ability to create and view Quickbooks invoices from Pipedrive.  The one drawback is only one member of the team is able to view and see status.  This would be super helpful if our sales and production team could see this as well.  Hoping this is in the works and will be available soon!