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With the Pipedrive–QuickBooks integration, you can now create invoices from deal detail view without having to send emails to accountants.

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Looking for advice on accounts software integration? Quickbooks, Xero, Sage, Other?

Currently using quickbooks but would be willing to change accounting software if integrations are not the best with this software. 

Looking for an accounting software that Pipedrive can feed all contact (for 'won' deals that end in an invoice) & sales information (invoices) through too. 

It would be useful if the accounting software could push back to Pipedrive details of payment received when it has been assigned to an invoice in the accounts. 

Any help or advice or feedback would be appreciated.

How To Print A Simple Check Register?

To get the desired results, follow the steps given for the printout of a Quickbooks Check Register.

  • Go to the QuickBooks Online Accounting tab first.
  • Go to the Account Chart then.
  • Next to the registry you want to print is a View Register.
  • If you feel necessary, you can filter or sort the list.
  • Then select the icon on top right of the printer.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen now and start the process.

New: Updated invoicing integrations with Xero & Quickbooks 🧾 💰


You can now manage your invoice lifecycle even better than before, without having to leave the Pipedrive interface:

  • Import your products from Xero/Quickbooks into Pipedrive using import data
  • Create and link contacts to Xero/Quickbooks directly from the Pipedrive Invoice form
  • Get an overview of your previously sent invoices from the side-panel inside the deal
  • Pull past invoices and their details from Xero/Quickbooks into Pipedrive
  • Send new invoices from inside Pipedrive

For whom?

All users with an active Xero or Quickbooks account. Find the QuickBooks and Xero integrations in our Marketplace, along with hundreds more.

Available now

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Beta testers wanted: new version of Xero and Quickbooks integration

Hi everyone, 

We've been making some big improvements to the Invoicing integration features with Xero and Quickbooks, making it easier for you to create invoices using Pipedrive products, creating and linking contacts, and giving you the option to pull in aggregated info and invoices created in Xero or Quickbooks. 

Right not we're looking for keen beta testers to try out this new version of the feature and provide us with feedback. Please drop us a line to to be included.

Looking forward to sharing this with you!