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New: OneDrive and Sharepoint now in Sales Documents! 📄


Work with your everyday business applications: now you can integrate Sales Docs with leading cloud storage service platforms like OneDrive or SharePoint (as well as with Google Drive, which users could integrate already) to ensure your documents are kept secure and accessible, all in one place.

For whom?

Users in the Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise plans.

How does it work?

❓Are you a OneDrive/Sharepoint user? Are you going to start using this integration right away? Comment below.

🔎 Learn all about Sales Documents with our Knowledge Base tutorials and our blog article in your preferred language.... (More)

Quote/estimate in foreign currency.

My company is located in Canada and we carry a vehicle that is priced in USD. I am looking for help to include in my quote that will protect me should the USD change dramatically. I am looking to protect both the company and our clients.


Generating a Quote Number

Hi All,

Any ideas on if Pipedrive can generate a quote number? 

or does everyone still run with a quote register along with Pipedrive



Documents - refused to connect

I am trying out the Documents Beta, and when I go into Edit Blank Document for quotes, I receive a notice that says   " refused to connect"  

I made sure my google account permissions were set for Pipedrive and they are.  Not sure whats the issue?