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We operate an engineering company which relies on winning specific metalwork packages for construction projects.

In order to submit our prices to various building companies which are tendering on these projects we need to submit supply and install (sometimes supply only) quotations. 

Submitting quotations at tender stage can be fairly time consuming and we are looking at streamlining the process with pipedrive.

Is anyone here currently doing something similar?

Would love to hear from anyone currently using the platform trying to achieve something similar.

Sales Documents + MS Word - Usability tests!

Usability tests - Want to try Sales Documents working with Microsoft Word and OneDrive?

Hi everyone!

We have been cooking new features to help you out closing deals faster by automating your quotes and proposals management.

After starting with Google Docs, we heard you!
We have recently added MS Word and OneDrive to it, and it is time for you to tell us if we are on the right track!

For that we have available prototype and live tests for this and next week!

Should you want to give it a try please pick a time from this calendar :)... (More)

Documents - refused to connect

I am trying out the Documents Beta, and when I go into Edit Blank Document for quotes, I receive a notice that says   " refused to connect"  

I made sure my google account permissions were set for Pipedrive and they are.  Not sure whats the issue?