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Discussion on QuoteWerks, a sales quoting and proposal solution.

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Just joined the group. I'm a QuoteWerks Top 10 Partner and have just started developing an integration with Pipedrive.

I've got a client base that is a franchise, but would be interested if any else would be interested in beta testing so there is a wider testing base.Β 
If you couldn't guess by the name QuoteWerks is quoting software, one of the market leaders with over 80,000 users in 101 countries.


Hey, all! I've been working with resident QuoteWerks guru John Jacobson on integrating Pipedrive to QuoteWerks, and simultaneously implementing QW. Part of QuoteWerks' proposal functionality is the ability to manage a library of ancillary documents, brochures, and so forth.

In my vertical, we sell tractors. I worry that a cover letter in a quote would be a bit pretentious, but would it make more sense to have a cover sheet that is a high graphic/lowish text sheet about my dealership?

Would it be too much to include a sheet about the brand of the product being quoted, perhaps a manufacturer's brochure for the specific product, and a sheet about my company, in addition to the quote for the product?

I don't want to overload the customer with information, yet I want to build credibility through higher quality quotes.



I've now completed stage 2 of TanamiGold, my integration between Pipedrive and QuoteWerks. You can see a short video that demos the integration here:

Hi! Does anyone use pipedrive and quoteworks together?

How do you link them up? Does it work? Thanks!