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Checklist Per Stage

There should be an option add a check list per deal/per stage will help me be able to keep up with what must be completed before a deal can move on to the next stage.

Hi everybody. For people using iPhone, dont you think its inconvenient to manual logging for incoming call? Or you all have any workaround?

I bought android phone purposely to install pipedrive on it. Im aware that Android apps can automatically logging both incoming & outgoing calls. Thats awesome for me because i work as property consultant. Lots incoming & outgoing calls happened on daily basis.

So, next year i would love to buy iPhone to replace my Google Pixel as im currently using iPad & Mac as my setup. I know that iOS limitations for automatic logging calls. 


The question is, how other pipedriver that use iPhone on daily basis logging their incoming and outgoing calls? Happy to hear your comments 😄

Pipedrive for Real Estate Investors

Are there any real estate investors on this forum who buy then rehab and either sell or rent? Would like to share ideas on how to better utilize Pipedrive for my business, apps and automation, etc.

Real estate professionals are 26% more productive with a CRM 🏠 🚀

How do you use a CRM for real estate?
How do you use a CRM for real estate?

According to REAL Trends, real estate professionals are 26% more productive with a Customer Relationship Management software, or CRM, for real estate.

That’s because a CRM…

  • Provides full funnel visibility
  • Keeps all your property details in one place
  • Helps you track deals from start to finish
  • Reminds you when to follow up at the best moment
  • Enables you to analyze and track your techniques

💡 There are plenty of other reasons why a CRM is a must for any realtor or property manager. Check out our page to find out more 💡