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Workflow / Systems

Does anyone use Pipedrive Workflow or any third party app to manage deal flows for small (4 people) real estate teams?

Ideally, I am looking for a template so we can maximize Pipedrive right away.


Thanks in advance!!


Any real estate agents in the group using Pipedrive?

 I'm currently on the trial and like a lot of what I'm seeing. Especially being able to add custom fields. However, I'm struggling with a way to link contacts i.e husband & wife. Any thoughts or suggestions? Any pros & cons to trying to adapt the system to RE?

Organizing the contract negotiation process

I posted this recently in another category but go no responses. Let me know if anyone can help:

I've been using pipedrive for few months now. I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to do this in pipedrive or if there is another app that I can use to keep track of contract negotiations.

For example, buyer offers $100, then seller counters $150, then buyer makes new counter of $125..... I'd like to have all the offers and counters side by side in chronological order. Its not only the price, but also the terms in each contract that... (More)

@Corby Hicks17 I'm a lender, so I get what you're going through in trying to keep track of all your communication from different sources. Here's some recommendations to track a B2C workflow:

  1. Your contacts should be automatically synced with your phone, I've always used google contacts and it integrates nicely with Pipedrive. To avoid a flood of unnecessary contacts from your phone to Pipedrive, make sure you create a Group on your google contacts for the purpose of syncing that particular group to pipedrive
    • Since all your closing attorneys, lenders, home inspectors will be synced from your phone, they'll show... (More)