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Recurring revenue
Recurring revenue

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Summation isn't working for my subscription revenue report


I have a question on subscription revenue report. This is some example data I generated for testing recurring revenue.

The April data looks OK because it has only company for subscription revenue.

From May to the end of the year, I have a wrong total sum.

I have three recurring revenues but the total sum is inaccurate:

  • what I expect for the total sum: 185,000 + 159,000 + 185,000 = 529,000
  • the total sum on the screen: 314,500

Is this a bug or am I missing something in the subscription revenue report?


For your information, I have the... (More)

Can we automate adding new recurring revenue ?


We are a sport leisure center and our billing is based on annual subscriptions. We'd like to track which "plan" our customers are on and when it expires. 

Is it possible to do that with the recurring revenue feature ?

Can we automate with a Pipedrive workflow to add a new subscription to a deal (including amount, start date, recurring cycle, ...) ? 
Any other solutions ?

Annual Subscriptions but with new deals


Our customers (see "contacts" on pipedrive) after a "deal" we have, they register to our services and pay for annual subscription, but then, they dont pay automatically every year, and sometimes, the amount changes, based on specific new needs/products.

So, every year we should send a reminder for renewal of their subscription for the same amount or different if they add/remove services. Sometimes, they need 2-3 follow-ups until they decide and pay (it means new "deals").

How can I create a recurring deal, which once it is "won", it will be automatically recreated/replicated after a year, so we can... (More)

💰 ACV vs ARR: What They Are, and Why SaaS Professionals Need Them

❓Which metrics do you rely on most as a SaaS sales, marketing or management professional, and why? Reply below.

With the continued shift to subscription-based software driving growth that’s expected to reach $140.6 billion worldwide in 2022, SaaS companies rely on metrics to help monitor and harness that growth.

Metrics like ACV (annual contract value) and ARR (annual recurring revenue), for example, are widely used by SaaS organizations to measure revenue value, gauge momentum, and improve financial performance.

Yet many industry professionals find them confusing.

If you’re a SaaS sales, marketing or management team member looking to benefit from more... (More)