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Recurring revenue
Recurring revenue
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Won + open subscription revenue deals feeding into revenue forecasting

Our company has the ambition to build a recurring revenue base. The first subscription-based agreement was signed in August and there is a pipeline of open deals, all with monthly revenue. Deals are typically generated in USD and EUR, whilst our local and reporting currency is NOK. We have therefore looked into the recurring revenue reporting tool, seeking to integrate won + open recurring revenue deals (risked) into a revenue forecast.

I see some challenges and would like to share these;

  • Recurring revenue seem to be reported in the local currency, disregarding the actual deal currency (1 EUR reported as... (More)

Filter by deals that contain subscription

Since the launch of the new subscriptions feature, it would be nice if there was an option when creating a filter to show deals with an active subscription e.g. Deal » Subscription » is » active.

Tom Urban
VP of Sales & Operations

Export Expected Payments

We are a consulting company (not a product company) so our sales get recognized as we deliver services.   I  would like the ability to export my unit and payment schedules so my resource team (and Exec team) can schedule resources based on my forecast/pipeline.  

You have the fields built already (under Subscription revenue). Is the ability to export that information something that can be easily added?

¿How to manage recurring monthly deal and work with a master lead to show remaining to complete the monthly goal?

As a Reseller I am working more and more often with clients than need to close a recurring monthly sale with certain clients, and have a master deal that can be use to deduct units of products will be a great idea to have, in order to know how much remaining products we need to sell in order to get the objetive.

As an example we have COMPANY B that I need to close a monthly deal of 1000 units of PRODUCT C. During the month I could get purchase order of 30, then 20 the next week and I... (More)