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Recurring revenue
Recurring revenue

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Bernd AuerPipedrive Expert
Managing Director - -

Forecast on signed and "open" Recurring Revenue

There are a lot of postings on this topic. But I do not give up hope that one day this will work properly.

Both we and a lot of our customers would need a basic forecast report on recurring revenues. It should give an overview over signed recurring revenue and a forecasted MRR according to the weightened revenue of open deals. The result should look like this:

I was hoping that at least the API allowes to export all necessary data but today I found out the the endpoint is deprecated.

What is the plan with this feature?... (More)

Subscription/Payment schedule interval

It would be great if there's were one more option for interval in Subscription/Payment schedule feature: DAY. For some cases that's mandatory to split costs over days.

Recurring Revenue Insights Report

Our team has revenue from both recurring revenue and one-time commissions. The issue we have run into is that we are not able to view this all on one report. The recurring revenue is scheduled quarterly and it shows on the recurring revenue report, but when we look at the revenue forecast, it aggregates it into one payment which throws off our projections for the month.  Would love to see Pipedrive have the ability to include a report which allows us to see the revenue coming in when it is scheduled along with all of the other sources of revenue.

Allow Subscription at the Organization level

Currently, subscriptions can only be setup at the deal level. However, we track numerous service contracts that would be helpful to track at the organization level so that we can monitor when the expiration of the agreement will be and automate reminders to our reps 6 months before and 3 months before so they can engage with the customer to renew.