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Recurring revenue
Recurring revenue

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Track Country and Number of Employee Growth

We know we can track expansion revenue. But, is there a way to track a customer's country and employee number expansion?

I see we can add the Country field under "Details," but is there a way for this along with the number of employees to be tracked once this information is entered?

Bug no Calendário de Pagamentos

Comecei a utilizar o recurso de "Calendário de pagamentos", mas notei uma falha.


Se você criar alguns pagamentos e depois tentar editar e adicionar ou remover pagamentos nesta deal, o valor total da deal não atualiza. Já reportei no suporte e confirmaram que não está atualizando.


Segue print de exemplo:

Recurring Subscription - Invoice to Xero

Hi All.

I wanted to make use of the recurring subscription and the creation of invoices from within Pipedrive.

Ideally, the details of the subscription (let's say £5 each month for 12 months) is created within the Pipedrive Subscription Section and when that date comes the sales invoice is generated by Pipedrive and pushed to Xero.

I can then integrate gocardless to collect the DD from the invoice in Xero.

I'm struggling to see how the recurring subscription part of Pipedrive talks to the 'invoice' section of Pipedrive? The invoice section just appears to be a manual process each time?... (More)