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Recurring revenue
Recurring revenue

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Report to display individual payment transaction value per month (not the total deal value)

Payments are a great new feature of Pipedrive! Now we can forecast revenue in a meaningful way for both subscription services and separate payments! Well done Pipedrive!

For example I close to winning a deal, Deal A for $100,000 I could create a $50k payment for January and a $50k payment for March. I've another deal, Deal B which also closes 50% ($25k) in March as well.

However... there isn't a way to be able to see individual payment transactions in a report. When you click on the aggregated revenue total for a month in the Subscription Revenue report, you... (More)

Anyone got any experience with Recurring Revenue, when your deal amounts are always different based on the market?

Need a way to report revenue based on total contract value and the contract length, and can't get the recurring revenue to do the job I need to do.

Currently have a custom data field, and export to Excel to do the calculations. 

Insights - annualised subscription revenue report

I would like to generate a report of subscription revenue on an annualised basis, preferably based on won dates. The subscription revenue report generated by period seems to use invoicing schedule as the basis. When there is a mix of monthly, quarterly and annual invoicing schedules, the monthly view will be too busy, and the annual will lack the granularity. Is there a setting to achieve this?

Shouldn't the deal value reflect the Products value, or the recurring revenue value?

It would seem simpler to keep deals updated accurately by having the products selected, or the recurring revenue update the deal data.

Perhaps I am missing something, but I can't seem to get Pipedrive to update deal values using things like subscriptions.