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Related Organizations
Related Organizations
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Add ability to pull the child companies or related Organizations into a filter or report

Director of Sales

Adding 2 people to an organization?

Lets say I have a prospect that works at 2 companies or works at a company and volunteers on a board and I am prospecting both organizations. wouldn't it follow that I should be able to add a person to 2 separate organizations, asked support and they said it isn't possible atm. 

@Pipedrive lets add this feature


Sometimes you just have to realize that the best answer is often the simplest and over complicating things can just make it more messy.

We were kind struggling with how to organize our database from a person and organization standpoint in certain instances.

Organization : property management company

Person: property manager

Deal: property service sold - custom deal details fields: site name, site address.

Then we have the situation with board member at the property but not associated with the property management company that we do not want as contacts associated with the property management company.


Separate organization: 'Property... (More)

The ability to assign multiple organisations to a single person

It would be awesome to be able to assign multiple organisations to a single contact to be able to keep track of the contact between the person across various organisations.

We are a fertiliser company, and many of our farmers have multiple farms that we deal with, but we cannot assign the farms under organisations to the same person. This would be the same for a director of multiple business e.g. John Smith has FarmA and FarmB but can only be assigned to one.

I understand that the organisations can be related, but this still won't allow the same person... (More)