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Related Organizations
Related Organizations
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Contact Various Organisations/Companies

Is there an option to add a contact to various organisations?

List Making - Best Practices

Maybe I'm overthinking this one but, this is why I love the community. I wanted to get everyones thoughts on some list making. One of my organizations sells into many different verticals (Public Safety, Sports, Airports etc). So we've created a custom drop down for this which works great but, we're looking to get a little more granular. We're already dedicating the "label" drop down to other use and I'm wondering the best way to pull just NFL from the Sports vertical. I know I can add NFL to the org title or create another custom field for this or... (More)

Types of organizations / Best practices existing ?


I'm looking for the way to create different types of organization in a pipeline.

I will head for "hotels" and "harbors" in the same pipe, but the info I should provide to qualify hotels and harbors are not the same. I would not like to "pollute" the one and the other with information that only concern one type or the other (Example : For hotels, I look for the total number of nights spent, and for harbors the number of boats.).

Any good ideas ? Thanks for your advices ! 

Add the "Related Organizations" to the Deals view.

Right now, this information is only available in the Organizations tab. We mainly work with the Deals tab, therefore, it would me nice to have the possibility to add that field in the Deals as well.