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Related Organizations
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Hello everyone, is there a way to link a contact to two different organizations without necessarily creating a second contact ?

Linking people to multiple organizations

Hello! Looking for guidance - our company works with agencies where one account contact would manage multiple organizations. For example an advertising agency where we have the organization as 'Multi-Media Inc' but we want them linked to the 'Nike' organization - do we have to create multiple 'people' such as Amy Hunt with Multi-Media, Amy Hunt with Nike, Amy Hunt with Gucci? If we change Amy Hunt to Nike..her Gucci will not link anymore.. etc etc. making us create multiple Amy Hunt's.

Thank you!

Can you please add the ability to Child / Parent / Sister Organization relationships via CSV Data Upload?

Can't believe this isn't possible and seems like it would be a critical feature for anyone selling to SMBs

Jan Visser
Sales Leader / General Manager

Related Organizations - Filtered Lists

Guys, maybe this feature is not used by many - but it would be tremendously helpful to allow the ability to:

  1. Add related organizations (organization) and the relationship type (parent, daughter) as a column in filtered lists, and
  2. Allow export and import of these values.

Right now, mapping out a corporate account with subsidiaries is more than tedious. Is this something that can be accomplished?

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