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Relationship management
Relationship management
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Customer success

How are you using PD after winning the deal? 
As in customer success? 

Thanks for your tips and opinions.

What is the best way to use PD for account management?

I’m new to Pipedrive. What is the best way to use PD for account management? Or is it not set up for that?

It seems like it is more set up for prospecting.

For instance, I sell CBD products.

Once I land a retail account, how can I use Pipedrive to manage that account and make sure they are taken care of.

Thanks for your input.

Jan Visser
Sales Leader / General Manager

Related Organizations - Better Account Hierarchy

In our business (we sell to the food manufacturing industry) the concept of parent and daughter accounts are quite common. We could be selling to daughter 1 - but not to daughter 2 - so we have inside sales resources that research and map those account structures (which could be complex).

The related organization feature is nice - but doesn't really give us the full visibility we need, especially when talking about multi-level accounts (daughters or daughters of daughters).

Feature request 1: can we create better hierarchy visibility and field display capability in "related organizations" - so it becomes possible... (More)

Can i use Pipedrive for recurring business?

Hi all,

My organisation is working with Pipedrive for quite some time now and it is working great for sales. Really easy! However, we're an organization active in servicing and have multiple touchpoints per client per year after the deal is signed. How can we keep track of complaints, an extra order, an  accountmanagement vist, etc. ? So, more an CRM package actually. Should i work with an other App to integrate with Pipedrive? Or is there a function within Pipedrive I can use for that?