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Relationship Management
Relationship Management
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Topic of the week: Customer Success 🙌

Making a sale is good but letting your customers know you still care after that and want them to get the most out of their purchase is even better - and coincidentally increases their lifetime value, lowers churn and facilitates upsell and cross-sell.

Yes, you've guessed it! It's all about the fine art of what's usually called Customer Success. Whether you're still wondering if you should assemble a Success team or if you already have one but they're having trouble not letting follow-ups fall through the cracks, we've got you covered:

🏆 🇦🇺 Success Story: How a grassroots charity is creating a social impact around Australia
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"Sober in the Country (SITC) is a grassroots charity making it ‘OK2SAYNO’ to beers in the bush and catching our mates before they fall through the cracks of overcoming addiction in isolation,” explains CEO Shanna Whan.

Ops Manager and Director @Felicity Nolen  introduced Shanna to Pipedrive having used it herself at a previous company. Now the SITC team uses Pipedrive for everything from managing booking enquiries to processing memberships to their Rural Peer Support community, the Bush Tribe.


➡️ Apply here to have your success story featured. You don't even need to be a Pipedrive user.

Simon Schoop
Managing Director, enabling digital change and innovation

Inbound requests

The strongest selling point is if it’s a customer who has already worked with us.
Recently the assistant of the MD of a 2019 client of ours contacted me to get a proposal for a seminar. We eleaborated a concept and afterwards chased her for a deinitie reply. Did not get it. Then their MD called me on a Friday to ask how the status is - i did not call him before because I thought this lead is coming from him so I did not want to bother him. WRONG. He asked me to always contact him directly when... (More)

Tableau de gestion

Bonjour à tous ! Je suis chargé de tenir un tableau de gestion pour mon équipe commerciale. Pipedrive propose-t-il un template ou une fonctionnalité pour tenir un tableau de référencement des clients signés avec leurs différentes caractéristiques (Secteur d'activité, cas d'usages, objections, commandes passées...etc) ? Merci !