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Statistics & Reports
Statistics & Reports

Discuss Statistics & Reports, both in Pipedrive as well as from other apps.

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Need a Year-To-Date Goal Progress Report


The Insights has some nice features but it's still missing a lot. Currently there is a goal report where each rep can put in their annual sales target and the see what their monthly sales target is and how they did each month. But, it does not show them how they are doing year to date. Example: 2 months of the year have gone by, in January the rep did not hit the sales goal, but in February they surpassed their goal - so, how are they doing so far this year? We have no idea! The system needs... (More)

Martina Schlager
Senior Digital Consultant @basilicom

feature request: report "Deal velocity"

we need a report that:

  • shows each ACTIVE deal/s by NAME i.e. in a list/column-view (not by sum, sums are meaningless)
  • all changes of each deal compared to the past week/s (i.e. by stacked columns)

to better understand which deals are moving with what VELOCITY through the pipe.

The goal is to present all active Deals, status, and VELOCITY.


(compare SCRUM issue /project velocity)

Bernd AuerPipedrive Expert
Managing Director - -

Forecast on signed and "open" Recurring Revenue

There are a lot of postings on this topic. But I do not give up hope that one day this will work properly.

Both we and a lot of our customers would need a basic forecast report on recurring revenues. It should give an overview over signed recurring revenue and a forecasted MRR according to the weightened revenue of open deals. The result should look like this:

I was hoping that at least the API allowes to export all necessary data but today I found out the the endpoint is deprecated.

What is the plan with this feature?... (More)

Bernd AuerPipedrive Expert
Managing Director - -

Feature Request: Set goals on additional KPIs

Today I saw a pipeline with the stages "Inbound Leads" and "Outbound Leads". My first reaction: This is a deal source, not a stage. But then I learned why this company worked like this: They do set a goal for their marketing team to bring in a certain amount of inbound deals. And you just can set goals on new deals in a certain phase and not to new deals with a certain custom field like "deal source".

So this beautiful idea of stages in pipelines is completely abused by finding workarounds just to set very normal Marketing and Sales... (More)