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Statistics & Reports
Statistics & Reports

Discuss Statistics & Reports, both in Pipedrive as well as from other apps.

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Turn off data measurement when moving a deal backwards


It would be nice to be able to turn off data measurement when you move a deal backwards in the pipe.

To give a concrete example; one of our operational KPIs e our sales team is measured on is booked meetings which is connected to our third stage (trigger is that when a meeting is booked, move from stage 2 to stage 3). So, if a sales rep move the deal back because I as a team lead has challenged the quality of this specific deal, the stats looks like the sales rep scheduled a new meeting when he... (More)

Deals with Multiple Sales People

I am new to this community and am setting up my system now. Are there any recommendations to get great reporting when you have multiple people working on a deal? 

What happened with our progress?

why pipedrive took off goals and metrics from progress? Now we have only insights with few information but nothing like how many products you sell in the month, or if our staff archive the goals or not.

What I think about is how support teams stills have access to the progress and we not? I have some prints here from support team showing it and you can see insights still on beta.

Missing old days pipedrive.

'Next week' relative date filters in Insights

It would be great if 'next week' could be a relative date filter in Activity insights.  Being able to understand Meeting activities with a due date of next week would be a great forward view to our sales activity next week