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Statistics & Reports
Statistics & Reports

Discuss Statistics & Reports, both in Pipedrive as well as from other apps.

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Deal Summary with multiple data

Hi, I´m trying to make a summary view or my pipeline with the summary for 3 information: Total Amount, Total Weighted Amount and Number of Deals. Each of those numbers I´d like to see splited ccording to my pipeline tags.

Ideally I wanted in a table format (three columns with the data and the tags opened in the rows), but when I try to do a the current report, it doesnt group the info. I don´t want the complete deal by deal list. I only want the summary by category

TagTotal AmountWeighted Amount# Deals
Tag 1245,000139,65049
Tag 2309,000129,780103
Tag 380,00013,60020
Tag 4360,00039,60045
Tag 5402,0008,040201

Would it be possible? 


Trying to get a report on the number of outbound calls made

We have an integration with aircall and each call is logged. I want to be able to create a report that shows me only outbound calls by sales person. Currently the pipedrive report captures both outbound or inbound. Easy fix would be able to filter by 'direction' or by 'subject'

Here are the filter options:


Duplicate Insights

Is there an easy way to duplicate insights on the same dashboard? For example I want 4 separate insights on deal performance, showing deals added into our pipeline, one for last week, another for last month, another for the quarter and one for the whole financial year.

At the moment I have to manually create each insight which has taken a long time.

Also would it be possible to support more than 4 insights on a row, especially when it is a single number insight using scorecards?


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