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Resource management
Resource management
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What sales coaching tools do you use?

When it comes to sales coaching products, there are a huge number to choose from, from in-person courses to call monitoring software.

In this article, we’ll be looking at how sales coaching software can help you to improve your sales skills, as well as how you can choose the right product for your needs.

Read our article about sales coaching software and then reply to share what coaching tools you use.

PipeDrive -> Taliscape Integration

Does anyone understand how this integration works?  I've just enabled Taliscape in our Pipedrive account, and was expecting to see the deals in my pipeline appearing on the Taliscape side, but no joy.  It appears as if I need to enter all the Project data into Taliscape by hand, which makes the integration relatively useless IMPO.  I imagine either something is not setup correctly, or I need to run some process or wait until it runs??

Any guidance or suggestions are greatly appreciated! 

⏰ Event: The 3 Biggest Mental Health Concerns At Work, by Catalyst | Feb 22nd, 2021

It's been a rough year. We need to talk about it. And then take action!
It's been a rough year. We need to talk about it. And then take action!

Normalizing the topic of mental health at work begins with talking about it. This event brings together leaders from Headspace, Spring Health, and Catalyst to get the conversation going and hopefully inspire action.  📌 Enrol here.


Did you know...?

  • 94% of leaders have seen an increase in mental health and wellness concerns among their team members this year.
  • Only 46% of people are comfortable telling colleagues they’ve taken (or are taking) a day off for mental health and wellness concerns.
  • 99% of leaders believe they have a responsibility to intervene with team members experiencing mental health issues, but only 24% have had formal training. (Source: Catalyst's Mental Health Initiative)

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What resource planning software can we integrate with?

In our professional services quotations we allocate future resources. We would need to get insights about the capacity for delivering projects once we win it. And manage the resource in the post sales face. We have an integration with Quickbooks but there is no module for resource management.