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Resource management
Resource management
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Sue Steckle
VP Business Development

Consulting Resource Management

There are two sides to the company I do Business Development for: software sales & services for a software solution we produce and support, and project-based consulting.

We have a roster of third party consultants with varying skills that we are able to bid on tendered projects. I need to keep track of their areas of expertise, availability, billable rate, location, and other info to match resources with projects we are able to bid on.

Does anyone here use Pipedrive to manage consulting resources? I am trying to figure out if it would do what I need it to... (More)

Lead Allocation Issue: HELP

Hi Guys

I'm stuck on a lead allocation issue. 

I have jotforms that capture contact info and postcode/zipcode that sends to Pipedrive. 

In Pipedrive, I have 17 teams that are responsible for a territory. A territory is defined by set postcode/zipcodes (approx 200+ per territory). 

My issue is, how do I assign leads based on what territory they fall into (and this what team they are assigned to) without having to add 1000's of postcodes one by one to the filter function. 

I've looked at Routerjet but no functionality for it. 

Any insight is appreciated! 

Webinar Recording: 'Ask Me Anything: Building and maintaining sales stack'

Please join us in our second AMA session, this time with Dan Murphy and Tim Berman, 2 salespeople that decided to take it upon themselves to build the first Pipedrive community (in Facebook). 

This AMA will focus on building marketing and sales tech-stack. Determining the framework necessary depending on the type of sales plan you wish to go with (B2C, SMB, mid-market, enterprise) and the tools and processes the 2 of them have found to work best.