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Ring Central and Mobile App on iOS


Currently using Pipedrive for everything and loving it! We're to a point where we need a phone solution as well and my team is 100% mobile and most the users are using iPhones. We currently use ring central but, I'm not attached to it if we can find a solution to make this work. The goal is for my users to keep their existing phone and me be able to install a 3rd party application (like Ring Central) and track all calls and texts, inbound and outbound. Currently, I can go into the Pipedrive app on iOS and choose... (More)

SMS integration

Hey everyone. I’m looking to integrate automated SMS services alongside our Pipedrive CRM... we are currently using ring central for our phone service... willing to chop and change if we can find something that gets auto text rolling

HELP: using Ring Central, is there an add on I can use to have calls directly enter into Pipedrive?