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Your business phone in Pipedrive: RingOver offers unlimited calls, virtual numbers, automatic call logging, click to call, call recording, power dialer, SMS + more

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Integration broken ?



When I try to Install Ringover app from pipedrive marketplace, nothing happens.


I get the "ALLOW AND CONTINUE" message, but then, it bring me back to the extension page with the "Install" button.

I tried it on different devices from different pipedrive spaces and get the same problem.


Is the integration broken ?

Ringover phone calls don't go back to my Pipe offers

Hi everybody, my Ringover phone calls don't go back to my Pipe offers, even though everything is synchronized. Any idea ? ;)


Bonjour à toute la communauté, mes appels téléphoniques Ringover ne remontent pas dans mes offres Pipe, alors que tout est synchronisé. Quelqu'un aurait une idée ? ;)

Meet by Ringover

Hi Pipedrive community! Ringover has launched a new video conference and screen share tool - Meet by Ringover last week! The tool is free to use, open, secure and 100% GDPR compliant. Feel free to check it out for your next team or client video meeting

We also offer audio conferencing with full call log sync with Pipedrive.

Contact me for more information or to see a demo :)