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Sales Assistant
Sales Assistant
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Hi @Greg Born2 , our apologies for this inconvenience. 

I will forward this to the respective team and have them analyze it. 

Thank you for letting us know!

Pipedrive should help us to remember to update the due date for each overdue activity

Hi people, I strongly suggest to consider that Pipedrive should help the users to reprogram overdue activities so we always have the activity List with planned actions and not bulked with overdue stuff. How about, the system automatically asking in the morning,  to reprogram the previous day overdue activities so nothing is left behind accidentally ?

EvelinaPipedrive Employee
Sales Assistant content owner

Looking for beta testers for the revamped Sales Assistant

Hi everyone,

We are making some updates to the Sales Assistant and Notifications 💡, and are looking for Beta testers!

Here's what's new:

  • All notifications are centralised in one place and it is possible for you to customise which ones to see
  • Sales Assistant can be muted for the day
  • You can now get notified about deals, organisations and contacts assigned to you
  • You can @mention your teammates (users in the same Pipedrive account) in Notes (deal, person, organisation notes) and receive notifications via the Sales Assistant and/or email

If you are interested in trying out the beta version then... (More)

Activities: Pop-up Reminders / Priority Setting

Is PD ever going to add the ability to enable a pop-up reminder for an activity?  Not reminders via email, but a simple pop-up reminder on my desktop if I want it?

Is PD ever going to offer the ability to set the priority for an activity in the activity window:  High, Med-High, Med, low