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Sales Assistant
Sales Assistant
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🎥 How to customize your notifications, follow topics, and join channels in the Community.

Improvement : reduce chatbox instead of closing it

Is it possible to reduce the chatbox window instead of closing it ? Like Messenger on Facebook. 


Thank you

The new Sales assistant 👎

I am not a fan of the new format for sales assistant. I used to like being able to "Click all" and view within my current window, it now created a new window which seems like a clunky step backwards in terms of keeping a clean tidy user experience. I can't be the only one who feels like this?

Sales Assistant for mobile.

It would be very helpful to sales professionals everywhere to have the ability to see who and when they opened emails.  

New: Community notifications and Product updates in Sales Assistant 📝


We've made your life easier and now you can keep track of what's going on here in Community without leaving Pipedrive, including product updates: they will show up as notifications in your Sales Assistant (SA).


For whom?

All plans, all users with the new Sales Assistant Beta enabled.

How does it work?

What can I do?

  • In Sales Assistant: control your notification settings.
  • In Community: control what you follow and get notified about (spot the now outdated part of the tutorial 😉🎉)
  • Community notifications are only sent to Community members. Not a member yet? Simply log in straight from your Pipedrive account, no fuss.
  • Product updates are sent to all users.

🔎 Learn all about the Sales Assistant here.


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