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Sales Documents
Sales Documents
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Planned: Sales Documents to get unbranded Sending and Signing


Remove Pipedrive branding when sharing documents and requesting e-signatures.

For whom?

Professional and Enterprise plan.

How will it work?

  • Sales Documents' public links hide the Pipedrive logo and the ‘Try it free’ button.
  • Pipedrive logo is removed from e-signatures emails sent to signers.

More to come:

  • Customise your Sales Documents with personalised branding.

Learn all about it here:

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Katie Moore
Director of Contract Performance - Peak Sports MGMT

Custom Field use for Product Table

We use a custom Notes field for Products that include deadlines for when we need an asset from a client. I'd like to be able to pull this information when using the Product Table for a Document Generation, but the "Notes" that are being pulled are those created manually when attaching Products to the Deal.

It would save us a great deal of time if we could include Custom Fields in the Product Table rather than making a note for each product, especially when some clients have upwards of 50 products.

Price Calculation ---> panda doc

Hi There. Been playing with Pandadoc integration for Doc signing and sales agreements and like what I see. Our problem is with pricing. Currently our master stock list will not work with Pipedrive.

As such I don't see a way of utilising the product list and pricing tools.

We price each item individually and of course enter that in the deal value field, and can add additional fields for trade in value, deposit due etc. I don't have a problem filling these in manually at the pipe drive deal stage.

how ever when we want to then create a sales... (More)

What are the available option(s) for sharing a document template via Pipedrive across my organisation?