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Sales Documents / Smart Docs
Sales Documents / Smart Docs
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Smart Doc (Google Slides?)

Hi Pipedrivers,

SmartDoc is definitely a game-changer for Pipedrive business and Pipedrivers!

Our request :

  1. Can we include Google Slides in Smart Doc? Potentially equivalent to Google Slides.
  2. Can we include Google Forms in Smart Doc? Potentially equivalent to 'Site inspection software' such as iAuditor.

Feel free to contact me at so we can further discuss this.

Peter Lanoie
Solutions Architect + Trainer @ Octopus Deploy

Bug: SmartDoc doesn't delete source/original document

When I delete a SmartDocument from a deal and select "Also delete the original document from the cloud drive" it does not delete. See below. I have the deal in one window and the PipeDrive Google Doc folder in the one below and behind. Even after a refresh, the document is still there. I also checked the drive again just before submitting this post to see if this is just a lag/latency issue, and it's still there.

Peter Lanoie
Solutions Architect + Trainer @ Octopus Deploy

Improvement: provide access to created SmartDoc source link

I have been experimenting with the SmartDocs feature with our linked Google Drive inside of deals. Documentation creation from templates has been working great and the template editing experience has been intuitive and easy.

A main reason for using SmartDocs vs just attaching docs created directly in Google Drive is that the SmartDocs stay at the top of the deal in the documents view tab. Regular attached files and up in the timeline "below the fold" of the deal making them harder to find.

Once I've created a document, the only way I can get to it outside of the... (More)

Smart docs OR software Integration

Dear Pipedrivers,

I need some help to find the right solution.

My company is doing Retail and we are trying to merge everything in Pipedrive with Purchase order, Invoices, Packing list etc.

I see that Smart docs can be useful in terms of Sales Orders and quote but is quite limited for the rest because there are too many data and figures to add.

For example in my packing list I have the same product with 10 different options and 10 more prices...

Is there someone in the same case ?

What would be the best tool / software to... (More)