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Sales Documents
Sales Documents
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New feature: Sales Docs available for users in Advanced and Professional 📄

Sales has evolved. Have your docs?

You can now send trackable quotes, proposals and contracts from Pipedrive with our newest feature: Sales Docs. Know for certain who’s interested and when to follow up to close your deals faster.

To give it a go, simply head to the new ‘Documents’ tab in any deal. Either create new docs or upload your own from Google Drive (an integration with OneDrive is coming soon).

Why you should be using Sales Docs:

  • Auto-fill docs with Pipedrive data.
    Set up sales document templates using any Pipedrive fields.
  • Strike while the deal is hot.
    Get notified... (More)


We operate an engineering company which relies on winning specific metalwork packages for construction projects.

In order to submit our prices to various building companies which are tendering on these projects we need to submit supply and install (sometimes supply only) quotations. 

Submitting quotations at tender stage can be fairly time consuming and we are looking at streamlining the process with pipedrive.

Is anyone here currently doing something similar?

Would love to hear from anyone currently using the platform trying to achieve something similar.

Serial Number / Activation Date (warranty)

Hello all,

I'm having a heck of a time. We currently manufacture and sell a hardware product that comes with a 1 year warranty from 'activation' date. I'm trying to create a field on each product for a serial and warranty expiration but, I'm not sure there's a good way to do this. Basically, I need the field to request a variation per qty. For example, Widget A x 3 should allow for 3 serial number fields to be populated. 

Any suggestions or help is appreciated! 


Bonjour Frenchy,

Il me semble avoir vu passer un onglet "DOCUMENT 'BETA' " ai-je rêvé ?

SI oui y a t'il un endroit ou l'on doit s'inscrire ? ce sujet m' intéresse.