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Sales Documents / Smart Docs
Sales Documents / Smart Docs
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Planned: Smart Docs add on 🗂

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As you might know, recently, we’ve introduced Smart Docs: a product designed to enhance remote sales and help close deals faster. Today, we’re happy to announce that Smart Docs will be available for Essential and Advanced plan users as an add-on, including eSignatures, soon!

In a nutshell, here’s what Smart Docs allows you to do:

  • Centralize the entire documentation process: send trackable quotes, proposals and contracts from within Pipedrive and get notified upon their opening by the customer
  • Remove the Pipedrive logo from any document
  • Provide easy,... (More)
NathanaëlPipedrive Employee
French Content Production Manager

Nouveauté Smart Docs : demandez des eSignatures sur vos PDF et utilisez Google Sheets et Google Slides pour configurer des modèles

Ce qui change

Vous avez désormais la possibilité de charger et de partager des devis, propositions et contrats au format PDF, mais aussi de configurer des modèles à partir de Google Sheets et Google Slides.

Pour qui ?

Les utilisateurs de Smart Docs dans les abonnements Professionnel et Entreprise

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Smartdocs File Naming

It would be great if templates could be given basic naming conventions to save manually renaming every file we create. Currently it gets: [customer name] [date] [time]. We would like to automatically name the file as: [template name] [customer name] or [template name] [job number] or (specified default value) [customer name] or something else along those lines.

Add PDF to documents from Onedrive

It would be awesome it we could add pdfs as documents from OneDrive. We have smartdocs, but with OneDrive it only allows the addition of word documents. I notice those using Google Drive have the ability to add pdfs as documents.

The main reason we want to do this is for the electronic signing capabilities of smart docs. We generate our quotes as pdfs in another application, so be great if we could import them into smartdocs and send for an electronic signature from Pipedrive.