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Sales Documents / Smart Docs
Sales Documents / Smart Docs
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Missing images in Smart docs / Sales docs

Pipedrive in combination with the Google Suite/ Works link and in relation to Smart docs / Sales docs.

I notice that when you create the document everything is neatly displayed, but when you have sent it you are missing the images in the document as well the image in the header. The image in the header is visible on the first page, but not on the following pages.

More people experiencing this?

Smart Docs - What's planned?

Hi Pipedrivers!

I was wondering, what the longterm plan for Smart Docs is - will we be able to set up text fields, or even Spreadsheets, that the customer has to fill out (i.e. like PandaDoc)? 
Only Text and Pipedrive fields is not enough to build an decent Document in many cases!

Thanks in advance.

@Inês Batata 

Katie Moore
Director of Contract Performance - Peak Sports MGMT

Signer priority in Smart Docs/E-Signature

Does anyone know if it is possible to set a "priority" to a specific signer when using Smart Docs?

In most cases, our contracts are to be signed by the client first then by a manager/supervisor. It would be great if instead of sending a request to all signees, we could determine who must sign first and then subsequent signatures.

If this is not possible within Smart Docs are there any integrations that could accomplish this?

Voted for Yes that would be helpful

Yes please: one spot for uploaded files on a deal: either in "Files" or in "Documents."  It makes it much easier for our sales team to look in one place rather than two.  It also eliminates the risk of duplicated or even missed documents.