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Sales Processes
Sales Processes
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❓ Are you more of a ‘method to the madness’ or ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’ type of planner❓

A clear, repeatable sales process enables you to understand exactly what you need to do to succeed. It also helps you to plan out a well-defined sales cycle that can generate more revenue with less effort.

Your sales process is a map that tells you exactly which activities you need to be doing, and when you need to do them. 

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Pourquoi vous devez vous mettre au social selling (si ce n'est pas encore déjà fait)

Lire l'article sur le blog

Savez-vous que chaque jour, nous passons en moyenne 1h41 sur les réseaux sociaux ? 

Du coup cela semble logique pour les commerciales et commerciaux futé(e)s d'aller voir ce qui ce passe sur Facebook, Linkedin ou encore TikTok, et de pourquoi pas, d'y vendre ce qu'il y a à vendre. 

  • Alors oui, mais comment?
  • Et par quoi commencer ?
  • Quelles erreurs sont à éviter?

On vous explique tout dans un bref article qui explique le social selling (ou vente sociale si vous préférez), avec un focus sur LInkedIn. 

Bonne lecture ! 

Bulk edit button on deal level

At the moment it's only possible to bulk edit activities on de activities page. Would be great if you are able to bulk delete activities on a deal page as well. 


9 after-sales service tips to keep new customers happy

Landing a sale from a new customer is one part of increasing revenue, but it isn’t the whole story. To scale your business, you need to turn customers into repeat buyers. And one way to do this is through quality customer service. 

Gartner found that customers who received a high-quality customer service interaction were 82% more likely to repurchase or renew when offered the chance to switch to a competitor. These customers were also 86% more likely to spend more on future purchases and 97% more likely to share their positive experiences.


In this article, we’ll explain what after-sales service is and how you can use it to drive sales and increase customer loyalty. We also list nine tips and some high-level strategies you can use to make your after-sales service exceptional.