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Sales processes
Sales processes

Discuss all general topics related to Sales. Posts don't necessarily need to be related to Pipedrive.

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Impossible to use contact tags in workflow automation ?


I would like to use tags in my workflow automation : for instance update a field if the contact has a specific tag, and update it if the contact has not anymore this tag... 

It there a way to do it ? or do i have to use Zapier ?



Hi @Daniel Steyn4 unfortunately there's not a direct and easy option to do this.  Can you explain to me the use case why you'd need this? Would you need this frequently?

New: OneDrive and Sharepoint now in Sales Documents! 📄


Work with your everyday business applications: now you can integrate Sales Docs with leading cloud storage service platforms like OneDrive or SharePoint (as well as with Google Drive, which users could integrate already) to ensure your documents are kept secure and accessible, all in one place.

For whom?

Users in the Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise plans.

How does it work?

❓Are you a OneDrive/Sharepoint user? Are you going to start using this integration right away? Comment below.

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