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Sales processes
Sales processes

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Chris Clegg
President | Research Director

Best B2B Follow-up sequence for conversion

Email autoresponder sequence, SMS, broadcasts, phone calls, personalized LinkedIn messages... sheesh!

We're putting together our overall sales automation plan and working to figure out the best sequence for our business.   We have a B2B informational product that typically requires an education process before the sale.  

What is the sequence of touchpoints you've found most productive?

Chris Clegg
President | Research Director

Stopping Automated Sequence When a Prospect Responds

We're taking a serious look at Mailigen to automate our lead nurturing and prospecting work. One thing I'm hung up on is ending a auto-sequence if someone responds.

For example, let's say I have three email automation planned for lost customers (i.e., those whom we havne't worked with in 2 years or more). I want one of the CTAs to be "reply if you have any questions or would like to connect." Is it possible for me to automatically end the future emails in that sequence if someone replies?

Klenty is an email tool that provides this feature. Not sure... (More)

Suggestion: Checklist Feature for Deals

Hi All

I'd love to suggest a Checklist feature for Deals.

Similar to cards on Trello or Asana, I believe adding a customisable list of tick-off/strikethrough items to a deal, would allow us as users keep track of various administrative or key tasks that inevitably crop up when managing a deal through the pipeline.

Eg. We use Pipedrive as our Recruitment CRM. As the candidate enters the process, along the way we collect ID, visas (if applicable), gather references, confirm start dates etc. All these are actionable sub-tasks that need to be prepared for and subsequently checked off as the... (More)