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Sales Processes
Sales Processes
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❓ Are you more of a ‘method to the madness’ or ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’ type of planner❓

A clear, repeatable sales process enables you to understand exactly what you need to do to succeed. It also helps you to plan out a well-defined sales cycle that can generate more revenue with less effort.

Your sales process is a map that tells you exactly which activities you need to be doing, and when you need to do them. 

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Amit SardaPipedrive Expert | Community Driver
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List of Report/Chart Ideas for Pipedrive Insights

Hi everyone!

I am pre-selling a list of chart/report ideas for Pipedrive Insights. 

I have curated this list from the point of view of sales leadership, sales management, and individual salespeople. The final digital product will also contain screenshots of how to configure these and what it would look like, with a summary of how to interpret a particular chart.

You can find the digital product here:

You will find the option to get the list of ideas for FREE.

If it is of interest to you, you can purchase the product via Gumroad.

If you have suggestions on how I can make it more useful for you, please let me know in the comments.

Enterprise software: How do you sell it to prospects?

Selling a $1 million software contract to an organization is a completely different ball game to selling a $120 annual subscription to one person. 

Known as enterprise software sales, or complex sales, the selling cycle can last months. It involves building relationships with prospects and tailoring a solution that addresses their specific problems and needs. 

These three sales strategies can help you and your team close bigger deals.

1.Spin selling

SPIN selling is about building relationships with prospects, then  presenting your solution to match their problem. 

Reps should ask situational “SPIN” questions to guide their prospects through the sales funnel rather than following a rigid script.

  • Situation. Asking about a prospect’s processes, tools, objectives and responsibilities.
  • Problem. Asking about the prospect’s challenges. 
  • Implication. Asking about the problems uncovered in the previous step to help understand how they negatively affect their company.
  • Need. Asking about potential solutions your prospect has already come across and introducing your own.

2. Challenger selling

The Challenger sales model focuses on taking control of a sales experience based on a prospect’s individual problems. 

It forces prospects to contemplate a new perspective and opens the door to encouraging them to consider an alternative way forward.

3. Consultative selling

Consultative selling is when sales reps put the customer relationship above their desire to promote or sell a product. 

Poor relationships with customers are one of the biggest reasons for churn, so taking the time to focus on your customer, their needs and their biggest pain points will help you build trust  and win repeat business.

Click here to learn how enterprise software changes the way we sell (and how to do it effectively).

Need Help -> Tracking Event Participation

I'm looking for a simple solution (ideally, built-in to Pipedrive) to keep track of who is participating in what events our company hosts and/or attends. Any recommendations? 

Here's one idea/concept we're exploring:

  1. Create a separate "Events Tracking" pipeline for tracking all events, with appropriate stage names that reflect our event management process. (Inviting, Attending, Following Up, etc.)
  2. Create one deal for each event in the "Events Tracking" pipeline.
  3. Associate each contact to that Event Tracking deal, MAYBE by using a few custom activity codes that reflect the participation level of that contact. (Invited, Attended, etc.)

I'm not positive this is the right/best approach, but don't want to do this in a spreadsheet! Thus, any recommendations or ideas would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Sales Development Representative Manager

Automation of the workflow by organisational filter with emailing

I would like to create an email automation based on an organisation level filter such as "country" or "industry".

Knowing that the email is a template created on Pipedrive for a dedicated industry.

The organisations are already existing companies that are passive, I would like all contacts in the organisation to be contacted with the same email.

Unfortunately, after discussions with support this functionality does not yet exist.

Would you know of a tool integrated with Pipedrive that would allow me to do this automation?

Example of the filter :

Organisation>country>sector of activity>email type of sector of activity>sends to all the contacts of the organisation