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Sales Processes
Sales Processes
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⏰ Event: Real Talk: What does it mean to "Own Your Demo"? | April 28th, 2021

Apr 28, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PDT | Webinar | 📌
Apr 28, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PDT | Webinar | 📌 Enroll here

This year, the PreSales Collective has partnered with Reprise to bring the Demo Creation Category to market. After over 1,000 interviews, and 25 small group executive roundtables; they're ready to bring you a series of best practices. Hear about this cross functional responsibility, and learn how most of us are getting it wrong today.

Join Cofounder Joe Caprio and a panel of Product, Marketing, Sales, and PreSales Experts on what it truly means to own your company's demo. 📌 Enroll here

This tool is good i would rather put an option to copy paste an e-mail adresse please because when you click on the email it actualy opens a new mail which takes 2 min with outlook so it's very annoying because we lake space to click and select the mail. You have to modify the mail then copy it just to copy it.

also we want please to automatically integrate more people into an offer because we don"t want to manually integrate things as it very long, so many boring copy pastes ! So we just want to very easily... (More)

Sharing Deals between Users

How do you share deals across two users. So, for example, you have the followers and participants functions but that doesn't appear on user dashboards and I am actually not sure what either of those does other than act as a form of telling the people using the account. What would you recommend if you are trying to share deals between team members? 

Intégration automatiques de personnes dans OFFRE


Pourquoi ne peut on pas intégrer automatiquement autant de personnes que l'on veut dans nos offres ?? Pipedrive permet de suivre des offres pas des orgas alors on veut les informations dans les offres pas dans les orgas sinon je dois ouvrir un onglet pour l'offre et l'orga pour connaitre les différents interlocuteurs. Meme une offre comporte beaucoup de parties prenantes je vois pas l'intéret de pouvoir intégrer une seule personne ou que ce soit et en plus au quasi-hasard !

Comment faites vous pour passer vos prospects de votre orga vers votre l'offre sans devoir copier leur nom... (More)