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Sales processes
Sales processes

Discuss all general topics related to Sales. Posts don't necessarily need to be related to Pipedrive.

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Is it possible to attach a picture to a product such as I can add it to a proposal ?

I am trying to generate a nice looking proposal based on a list of products (and deal) and I need to include the products' pictures in the proposal. 
I was thinking of generating a proposal in Pandadoc but I need to add a picture of the product in Pipedrive. Any ideas of how I can do that ? 

Other suggestions ? 

Thanks a lot 


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New: eSignatures available in Professional trial accounts ✍️

In addition to paying customers in the Professional and Enterprise plans, now eSignatures is available for accounts in trial with Professional plan selected and valid billing details entered.  So now you can play around with eSignatures before you decide that they really make the difference!

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Opportunities that come to us from Agents

Hello - our business (telecommunications) gets many of our opportunities (deals) from the agent channel. Many times all of the communication during the sales process is with the agent who brought the opportunity in, and not with an actual contact at the company (organization). And many times we don't get a contact with the company - just the company name, address and details of what needs proposed.

Any advice on the best way to handle that when it comes to the Person attached to the Organization? I'd like emails with the agent to be attached to the deal - however... (More)