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Sales Strategy
Sales Strategy
  • Processes are vital but it's good to have a swiss army knife in your pocket for when the unexpected happens.
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Aumentando a aderência do time e tornando o processo mais ágil e escalável

Veja como podemos aumentar a aderência do time comercial ao pipedrive e tornar o processo ainda mais ágil e escalável.

Com a automação do 3CX com o Pipedrive, eliminamos o tempo  que gastamos para registrar todas as chamadas durante o processo de vendas, pré-vendas e pós-vendas. 

Dessa forma, podemos aumentar a aderência do time de vendas.


Sales KPIs: Wichtige Vertriebskennzahlen kennen und messen

Wenn Sie im Vertriebsmanagement weitreichende Entscheidungen treffen, sollten die nicht nur auf Ihrem Bauchgefühl basieren, sondern datenbasiert getroffen werden. Doch welche Messwerte aus der großen Masse an Vertriebskennzahlen sind für Ihr Unternehmen relevant?


In diesem Guide erfahren Sie, welche Vertriebskennzahlen es gibt, wie sie berechnet werden und welche Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) für Ihr Unternehmen die aussagekräftigsten Daten liefern können.

Margaux Fiche
Customer Success Specialist

Deals and Pipeline set up for Saas Subscription products

Our SaaS product is sold on a Marketplace, each trial and sold licenses is converted into a deal in Pipedrive.

I'm looking for advice on how to handle the deal once it is lost (ie: the trial is not converted into a sale, a subscription is not renewed...). Do you leave the deal in the Pipeline? Did you add a special lane?  

I talked with Pipedrive customer service and they confirmed that the deal expiring cannot trigger any automation to move the deal. Has anyone else the same issue?