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Sales Strategy
Sales Strategy
  • Processes are vital but it's good to have a swiss army knife in your pocket for when something unexpected happens.
  • Ask questions and share tips about Sales Strategy in your industry, in your country, in your work.
  • Ask for advice about bumps in the road and share your own pearls of wisdom. Reaching goals is rarely a straight line, and what is a community for if not helping each other? 😉
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Voted for Yes,

Yes... Pipedrive's scheduling tool is "OK" but does not meet the needs of many of us - we use Calendly for all scheduling, not Pipedrive and would love to use Pipedrive.

What is missing:

  • Automated email (and potentially SMS) reminders. More than one. E.g. right after scheduling, 1 day before and 15 minutes before.
  • Add to calendar links to be available after the scheduling and also we should be able to add the "Add to Calendar" links to our reminder emails.
  • Customized reminders (where we add our own text, Add to calender link, next steps and links/buttons to send the... (More)
Systematic AdminTurbocharger 365 (Integration Partner)
Developer of Turbocharger 365 Day Tracking & Alerts

Sales Process Tip: Give Your Sales Team an Unfair Advantage with Turbocharger 365 Day Tracking & Alerts App for Pipedrive.

We are excited to announce that Turbocharger 365 Day Tracking & Alerts is now available on the Pipedrive Marketplace. This simple addition to your sales process will help you Sales Team close more deals every month.

Similar functionality for other CRMs costs thousands of dollars a month. The same powerful technology is now available to Pipedrive Sales teams for a small fraction of the cost and there is even a 30 day free trial.

See it on the marketplace and watch the short video.

What are the benefits of adding Turbocharger 365 Day Tracking & Alerts to your sales... (More)

A Sales Engine that Drives Customer Relationships, Part 2 Sales Strategy Components




Hello everyone,

This blog post is part 2 which will take you through the sales strategy components of a sales engine. It focuses on the key resources, key activities, performance, and culture of a sales engine.

You can check it out here. I'd love to hear your feedback & thoughts.