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Sales Strategy
Sales Strategy
  • Processes are vital but it's good to have a swiss army knife in your pocket for when the unexpected happens.
  • Ask questions and share tips about Sales Strategy in your industry, in your country, in your work.
  • Ask for advice about bumps in the road and share your own pearls of wisdom. Reaching goals is rarely a straight line, and what is a community for if not helping each other? 😉
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Aaron Douglass Bailey
Pipedrive Partner - Evolve

Evolve - Pipedrive Podcast - #6 Ideal Customer Profiles with Ben Bennett from Second Voice

Evolve Sales Director Bruce Bignell, talks with Ben Bennett, Managing Partner of Second Voice in another episode of our Sales Series, introducing ICP’s - Ideal Customer Profiles.


  • Who is Ben Bennett & Second Voice?
  • Introduction to Ideal Customer Profiles
  • Can you have more than one ICP?
  • Sales or Marketing Teams - who should care?
  • Are ICPs more relevant in the B2B or B2C space?
  • Resources on how to start thinking about ICP for your business

Questions for Ben Bennett?
You can reach him on Linkedin here:

Want to know more about Second Voice?
Book your free consultation,... (More)

Insights help: revenue by activation, not close date

Hi, I'm trying to look at my weighted revenue pipeline and can't seem to find a way to show it based on distribution; I can only seem to see it based on expected close date and the whole deal value is added to that month.

For context: I run a media company and a deal might be $10,000 per month for 6 months actualising between Jul - Dec so I create an opportunity using these amounts and date ranges. I have it in my pipeline at 50% probability. As it only becomes revenue when it actualises Jul - Dec, I... (More)

22 Sales Podcasts to Listen to Now That We’re Commuting Again 🎧

Now we’re beginning to return to the office we’re having to find ways to pass the time during our commutes. What better way to start the day than listening to sales podcasts to get you fired up by the time you reach your desk?


In this article we’ll bring you some of the top sales podcasts for sales professionals who want to hone their craft. We’ve included podcasts with a range of run times and levels of expertise so that, regardless of who you are and how much time you have, there will be something for you.

Hola! Que herramienta me recomiendan para reportes online de ventas integrados a PD?Muchas gracias!