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Sales Strategy
Sales Strategy
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Is a channel sales strategy right for your business? 🤝

A channel sales strategy, in contrast to a direct-sales strategy, involves using partners and third parties—such as affiliates, distributors or resellers—to sell your products or services.

Channel sales is meant to help you develop new revenue streams beyond your direct-sales reach. This strategy works best when you already have a robust customer base and are looking to expand into new target markets by leveraging partner-relationships.

There are many pros and cons, though. While channel sales gives you an opportunity to quickly scale your business and save money on distributing and shipping, you’re also giving up some control and... (More)

Salesperson handling the followups with leads received from LinkedIn left his job. What is the best way to replace his job without leads/ connections noticing anything?

For Tech Startups in the Manufacturing Industry the sales cycles can get very long, even if C-level executives are on board. How are you doing to overcome this situation?

Funil de vendas: é possível definir uma estratégia para serviços financeiros? 💰🎯

A estruturação e o uso do funil de vendas têm sido cada vez mais frequentes nos negócios. Entender o que leva um consumidor a tomar uma decisão, prevendo os possíveis pontos de desistência, faz com que a metodologia seja conhecida nas mais diversas áreas – inclusive no ramo financeiro.

Porém, há quem se pergunte se é possível definir uma estratégia de funil de vendas para serviços financeiros. As constantes mudanças no cenário das finanças e no comportamento do consumidor são as grandes responsáveis por essa dúvida.

Em 2017, a Accenture desenvolveu um estudo em que identificou uma mudança... (More)