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Discussion on Salespanel, a lead identification, tracking and scoring solution.

Tag @Paras Kuhad for questions.

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Do you qualify your leads before adding them to your pipeline or do you add them all?

I have observed that businesses usually do one of these three things:

  • Have a sign up webform that integrates with Pipedrive and creates contacts on CRM when somebody signs up.
  • Use a data tracking software that syncs deals to Pipedrive.
  • Using a software to marketing qualify deals and getting deals added for MQLs.
  • Add all leads as contacts and manually shortlist them.

Which is the strategy that has worked for you?

When we first launched Salespanel, we made it that leads who are captured from forms, live chat and email marketing were automatically added as contacts on Pipedrive along with... (More)

Generate instant reports and learn which marketing campaigns and lead actions are leading to deal movement and purchase

With our recent launch of two-way data sync , I think it is a good idea to explore how Salespanel can be used to generate lead reports and identify which marketing sources and lead actions are leading to deal movements to later stages and purchases.

If you are not familiar, Salespanel automatically captures leads from your website and tracks which marketing campaign they came from and how they are engaging with your website and emails. If you are using Google ads for example, Salespanel tracks which exact campaign, keyword and advert your leads interact with.

Now with Salespanel Reports, you... (More)

Excited about the new Pipedrive community portal - Welcome post from Salespanel.

Dear Pipedrive community,

We are excited about this new portal. I believe it will provide us a seamless way to keep you posted about product updates and relevant information. Thanks @David 🇺🇸 for the icebreaker.

It's been more than a year since we launched Salespanel for Pipedrive and it's been a great journey so far. We receive lots of feedback from our customers and based on that we have been improving our Pipedrive integration.

Our mission is to deliver a general-purpose lead generation and qualification platform that can work with your CRM in a closed-loop manner. So right from the... (More)

Questions about Salespanel

Tag @Paras Kuhad for any questions you have related to Salespanel.