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Discussion on Saleswings, a tool that qualifies your leads through predictive lead scoring, lead website tracking and prescriptive follow-up activities.

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Hey, all! I've been all over the map on what direction I wanted to go with my stack, whether I used Infusionsoft, SharpSpring, ActiveCampaign, etc. My biggest obstacle has been finding an application that did what those apps did while storing at least some of the customer journey within PipeDrive, so the sales team could meet customers where they are without leaving PipeDrive. I could switch CRMs, but getting team buy-in is crucial for success, and the team loves PD. Don't want to ruin that!

I thought I found that with Route, but then saw where they shut down. I just landed on the Saleswings. Any Saleswings/PipeDrive users on here? Curious what the scoring looks like within PipeDrive!

Saleswings adds contact enrichment to the mix! I haven't heard yet what their data source is. I think it might be FullContact.

I believe this is the first native data enrichment integration for Pipedrive!

Anyone using Sales Wing? Does It work? Can I Just add It and forget about Hubspot?