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Video call integration with Scheduler (Zoom and Microsoft Teams) - Beta release

Dear Community members!

We're pleased to let you know that the Pipedrive Scheduler is now integrated with video calling (Zoom and Microsoft Teams).

  • Set up Scheduler meeting links (general availability, pick times) with Zoom/MS Teams
  • Once a client books a meeting slot, video call links are generated.
  • Video call links are sent in the email/calendar invite notifications
  • Video call links are also linked to Pipedrive activities

We are open to community members who would be interested in trying this out and giving us feedback. The full rollout to all customers will happen by May 2021.

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Planned: Video-call integration for Scheduler in all plans 🎥 📅

How will it work?

  • Automatic video call links will soon not be just for manually created activities anymore, they're around the corner for Scheduler-generated activities too!
  • Have both Zoom and Microsoft Teams integration in Pipedrive? No problem, you still get to pick.
  • Using Calendar Sync? The video call meeting links will be embedded in the calendar invites (Google or Microsoft Outlook).

For whom?

All plans, all users. Stay tuned to Research and Beta Testing announcements soon. 😉

What's next?

Integrating Google Hangouts into Activities and Scheduler.

🧠 Learn all about Scheduler with our tutorials in your preferred language.

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Feature request Scheduler: video call integration

Hi there,

I was really perplexed to find that the Scheduler feature doesn't support the integration with video calls like Zoom/MS Teams. I switched from Calendly to Pipedrive to have everything in one place but I guess this is not possible yet (as was confirmed on chat).

Please add this feature soon since the integration is already available in Pipedrive. Adding the MS Teams link to an activity afterwards is one manual step I don't want to take since it takes another step and adds time. I want to automate as much as possible.

Are there already plans for this... (More)

Martin Pecha
Growth Manager at COGVIO

Availability and bookin meetings with pipedrive feature - how it is working?

I wanted to inspect more feature of availability and sharing my time slots in emails instead using for example Calendly. Have anyone been using this feature?

I have some questions related to it:

  • can it be synced with my calendar so it will automatically take out slots when I add something to my calendar?
  • when booking a slot - can it be prefilled with some name and email from pipedrive automatically when I will send it to the person I have in pipedrive?

Any other experience from your side?