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Feature Request: Ability to exclude Calendar items marked as Private

We use Calendly which allows clients to schedule available time on my work calendar however, there are times when I have a personal appointment during the work day that needs to be on my work calendar but not synched to Pipedrive. Having the ability to exclude calendar items marked as Private would solve this problem. Also, these items are counted towards activities and pollute reports.

Question on auto-scheduler for google calendar meetings

Pipedrive's auto-scheduler has stopped adding Google Hangout links to my calendar invites. It used to work automatically. When clients schedule a meeting with me now via Pipedrive's scheduler, there's no meeting link and no way for us to have the meeting.

What am I doing wrong here and how do I get google hangout links to automatically link to my calendar invites again with the pipedrive auto-scheduler?

Propose Times function

Hello Community, a quick question. Is the propose times function, where you can set your own availability no longer available? Thx for your help in advance. Oh and by the way im on the advanced plan.


Scheduler link parameters

Hello !

It would be really nice to have the possibility to choose the language of the scheduling pages, as well as to be able to fill in the customer's contact information in advance in the URL.

Like so :