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Martin Pecha
Growth Manager at COGVIO

Strugling to find good meeting scheduler - potential for Pipedrive

I would love to see a scheduler, where my team can combine multiple slots and share them online. We have a callcentre and we have trouble to organise the calls as well as somehow automate reminders and follow ups on meetings.

With pipedrive scheduler, it would be everything super easy and meetings would go directly to the pipedrive.

PLEASE - Detect conflicts with other calendars in Scheduler to prevent double bookings!

Pipedrive's Scheduler makes a horrible assumption that a user only has one and only one calendar. Believe it of not, I actually have a personal calendar for - you guessed it -  personal events.

Yet the pipedrive scheduler has no facility to check my personal calendar for conflicts before displaying my availability and blithely schedules events that conflict with it. 

Seriously pipedrive, these are table stakes for a scheduling feature. I've been asking for this for over a year and crickets.

So I don't use the feature I pay for because... It's unusable.


Planificateur sur seulement 2 mois lissants


Y a-t-il une possibilité de proposer une planification de rdv sur une plage de temps qui puisse dépasser 2 mois lissants ? A ce jour et sauf erreur de ma part, nous pouvons planifier sur notre agenda Pipedrive des propositions de rdv sur une durée infinie, mais... la personne (prospect/client) qui reçoit le lien ne voit que 2 mois lissants.Dans notre activité, ne pas pouvoir prendre des rdv à plus de 2 mois est préjudiciable et bloquant (obligé de le faire à l'ancienne avec des échanges d'emails interminables voire pire, reprendre du Doodle !).

Ex. En cette période estivale,... (More)