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Is there any way I can use the "search" function in mobile app to see clients per city?


Search via tags or telephone numbers

I am not sure if I have missed how to do this, but it would be great to be able to search PD by tags and/or telephone numbers. Is this possible now?

Peter Lanoie
Solutions Architect + Trainer @ Octopus Deploy

Search via a URL with query string

I find myself having to search PipeDrive for company names from information in other systems.

The Smart Search is great and usually gets me what I need, but I can only seem to be able to do this via the search input box directly in the PipeDrive UI.

It would be very helpful to be able to launch a tab to PipeDrive from another system (or from a browser shortcut from an arbitrary location) to open PipeDrive search results with the search term in the URL as a query string to save the hassle of manual copy and pasting and... (More)