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Ted YounCommunity Driver
Software Engineer at Hashsnap

Request: Text Search for 'Single option' and 'Multiple options' type Custom Field


I just found out that the text search doesn't support all the types in custom field; for example, text search doesn't work for 'Single option' and 'Multiple option' type custom fields:

Reference: Search: Finding what you need   from Knowledge Base Article.

Do you have any plan to support text search for Single option and Multiple options as well?

Laura Maier
Sales Operations Manager

Email search

Hi Pipedrive team,

I would like to search for all  contacts that have received a certain email (subject line known, creator and date known). I was hoping to be able to search via the activity type email and would see all published emails that have been synced to PD. But this search seems only to include actual activities and not the synced emails from the mailbox. Is there a way to find emails and persons / organisations linked to it?

New: Searching for activities 🔎


Activities are now searchable from the global search bar:

  • Activities are searchable by their title, note, and description. 
  • Permissions: Admins can search for all activities (all users'), regular users can only search for their own activities. 
  • Filtering: Users can click on 'Activities' category in search to see only activities in the search results. 


For whom? 

All users and plans.


Rolling out this week for all companies.

Join our research: how information is organised in Pipedrive [CONCLUDED]

EDIT: We have concluded this research session. If you have any comments, please post in the comment section :) 


Hi everyone 👋

I am looking to talk to users of Pipedrive about how information is organised in Pipedrive.

The topics we will touch in this research are:

  • How do you find different types of information?
  • How do you categorise and sort information?
  • Is your experience consistent trough Pipedrive?


We will look into features like search, filters and labels

➡️If you have insights on these topics you would like to share please schedule a time here.

  • Deadline: Jan 28th, 2022.
  • Limited slots available.
  • The interview will not last more than 30 minutes.

Thank you!