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Allow keyboard shortcuts for search ("Ctrl F")

I often use "Ctrl F" to find something on the page - as I'm sure many people do.

It would be good if you could hook into this common keyboard shortcut, so the focus changes to the Pipedrive search instead. 

e.g. When I use "Ctrl F" - it should highlight the search box at the top of the deals page and bring up the typeahead - since this is the search I REALLY want to use (not the crappy Windows search) does this, it's a very handy feature!

Community October roundup 🙌🏻

Over the last few weeks, the Sales Community was filled with awesome conversations between sales people and users.

Check out the links below to see a handpicked selection of some of the most interesting discussions and join in the conversation.

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How do you download notes?

Again, many of my deals are long cycles with a lot of activity during that cycle. I have used notes in Pipedrive but the problem is sometimes I need to share or reference my notes. If I am sharing my notes with others outside of my small one person company there is no way I can see to do this. Is there a way I am missing to download or share notes with others?

This also goes back to being able to search within a particular deal being a crucial missing feature. Because of the lack of this, I am... (More)