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Timeline > Files: Filter by file type

We are often using the "Files"-Section of the Deal-Timeline to search for a file that has been sent to a customer by a colleague. However, it is quite a hustle to find the files since most people have images in their signatures that are listed there. If an email goes back and forth a few times the image of each reply is attached to the email. Therefore, it can be very difficult to find an PDF File in there.

It would be great if one could filter on top which files types are to be shown (.jpg, .png, .pdf or... (More)

Instant Filters

Dear Pipedrivers,

My Pipedrive has to answer a lot of my questions, like "Who of my contacts tagged as "decision maker" in Singapore haven't I been in touch with for longer than 2 months?" Of course I can create a filter for that.

Creating a filter for every single question would clutter the filter list tremendously. That's why I would love to see a feature I call "Instant Filter" in Pipedrive: I can use the search bar to write a filter in a notation like in JIRA or Todoist. I can click "save as filter" if I want to -... (More)

email search function


  1. Is there a specific reason why the search function will find only the contact information and topics, but not the information inside the email? And is it possible to add in the near future this solution also?
  2. The second feedback would be a similar email/search function request but inside the android app. I can search for information from the PD app and find deals and contact, but when I open the unread emails button there is no search function anymore? Only filter option. Please add the search function also to this section.

Keep up the good work, Thank you!

Igor Abade
CEO, CloudMotion. Microsoft Regional Director.

*Please* unify Pipedrive search boxes when in Email screen!

Not sure about the other, but I keep entering my searches in the main search box (1) when looking up some emails, instead of going to the email search box (2):

Now, my plea to the Pipedrive development team: Would you consider unifying the search boxes so that, when I'm in the Email screen, it would combine the email results (1) and the global Pipedrive results (2) in a single list (like in the mockup below)?

Pretty please? :-)