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Suzanne Van de Ven
Digital Content Strategist

Opt In Tracking for Marketing and Search Functionality

I'm wondering if there's a better way to track for opt-in specific to marketing campaigns. How are you doing it?

Right now we use Pipedrive as our hub of all prospects and accounts.

I'm focused on the unowned contacts (basically anyone who isn't in the deals pipeline). I set up a lead gen source as a custom person field right now, but that's not foolproof since some of these prospects are entered manually rather than automatically.

I'm creating filters in pipedrive to then feed into Mailigen through the syncbot. One of my filter criteria is lead gen source is Web... (More)


Major bummer that when a custom 'Organization' field is applied to a record it doesn't show up in search when the value of that custom field is searched.

Example: Custom organization field in organization details named 'management company' Value is XYZ and its applied to 10 records.

If I search XYZ search results do not show the organizations that have that value applied in the 'management company' field of organization details.

Would be awesome if search showed an aggregated list of those in the search results.

Would be Very awesome. Search is very important. Its a databse.

@Mike van der... (More)

Access to "Global search" beta


Is it possible to have an access to "Global search" beta


Planned: Global Search 🔎 💫

We are improving the way our Search feature works and looks, to give you a smoother and more thorough experience:

  • Search look-and-feel will be improved
  • See recently modified, viewed and added items
  • Differentiating between similar search names will become a lot easier with the use of hover cards
  • Introducing quick action buttons after your search
  • Bringing Knowledge Base, Academy and Community content into Search results

In short, this will make it very easy for you to find your data and navigate Pipedrive. Stay tuned!

🧠 Learn all about our Search feature here. Learn all about any of... (More)