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Planned: account lockdown after too many failed login attempts 🔒

How will it work?

The account is locked if a wrong password is entered a certain number of times during a certain time period.


To make the Pipedrive login process even more secure in regards to external threats.

For whom?

This feature will be available for all plans.

➡️ Learn more about our Security Features from the Knowledge Base and the Pipedrive Academy.

➡️ Pro tip: join our Research and Beta Testing channel for the chance to try out early versions of new and improved features.

📝 Please note 📝

Pipedrive reserves the right to modify and update... (More)

Honey pot to prevent SPAM

I posted this earlier, but perhaps not in the right feed.

We received some SPAM meeting invitations. Since the contact information (name, email, phone) are not auto-populated with the recipient's info, someone can enter info and create SPAM invitations. Also, since the meeting invitation is a link, the link can be forwarded to others or used by bots to create SPAM.

Two enhancements might help:

  1. If the contact info could be auto-populated with the recipient's contact info from the Person record.
  2. A honey pot to prevent bottoms from completing forms.
  3. Other ideas?



Hi there,

We've been trialing the forecasting and Insights features the last few years, and thought worth consolidating feedback for Pipedrive, for future features and development.


  1. Insights/Reports for roles - Management V’s Sales person, have trialed forecasting feature with the professional plan several times, however its useless for Managers/Management. Need to establish gross margin, forecasted revenue in multiple periods and dashboards. Ideally Pipedrive can prepare default reports per user type (Manager V's Sales person) to take out the effort of having to create them for each.
  2. Goals - this is a critical feature that must be able to reported... (More)

Security features should no be used for commercial purposes

Security features should be available for all the packages. Right now it's only available for professional, high paid, customers. Thats just embarrassing. Our security auditor has no good words for this weird commercial decision. The safety of our data should not be used for commercial purposes. Please set it right as soon as possible.