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Privacy & Security
Privacy & Security
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Sander Tan
Business Development

Unsubscribe link for emails out of Pipedrive

For GDPR reasons, I am looking for a functionality that automatically adds an unsubscribe link to any email we send for inbound & outbound sales. Is this available within Pipedrive? If yes, how can I set this up? If not, could this be a feature that will be build in the future?

Google SSO - Thoughts?


I'm working with a group that is looking for single sign on usage and I don't have much experience. Wondering if anyone uses Google SSO for Pipedrive (or any other service)? Also, looking to understand the downfalls and what I might be missing? What is the difference between sign-in with Google verse setting up the SSO? Ultimately I'd love it if I can propagate user accounts onboarding and off boarding. Lastly, looking for any set up documentation or direction. I've went over what's available with Pipedrive but, it's not as inclusive as I'd like. 

Thanks in advance! 

One-time Password support

Could you please look into making Time-based One-Time Passwords available as login option?

Given the sensitive (privacy-related) data that is stored in Pipedrive, our organization feels that an implementation for One-Time Passwords is warranted here. Users that login authenticate with both username/password and, additionally, input a secondary secret code (from an app such as Google Authenticator).
The current alternative (email-based 2FA) is nice, but just isn't as user-friendly due to delays in receiving the necessary email. Although the mail is only necessary every 30 days, it seems to pop up on exactly that one moment that email access isn't available... (More)

Is Pipedrive compatible with Google Advanced Protection

We recently installed Google Advanced Protection on our accounts. And we were no longer able to sync with Pipedrive. Is this incompatible?