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Seeking Advice
Seeking Advice
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Email visibility before deal creation

I want to be able to see email communications with a customer within a deal page that have taken place before the deal was created. Is this possible?

Eloqua integration

Hi, did anyone in the pipedrive community ever try or succeed integrating Oracle Eloqua into Pipdrive, i.e. moving qualified leads from Eloqua into PD? Thanks for any advice on this!

Annuel revenues vs Total Contract Value?



We're a startup selling multi-year services, for different lengths of time, and for the sake of reporting and pipe overview, I'd like to be able to see (or organize my filters according to) both annual revenue forecasts as well as total contract value. Is that something that can be done?


Thanks a lot for the help!


Non-profit/fundraising DRM advice

We are a non-profit looking into using Pipeline for tracking donors/donations/fundraising events. Are there any other nonprofit professionals out there using Pipeline for this purpose, i.e. as a DRM as opposed to a CRM? Would love to know how it's working out for your organization and hear any advice you may have. Thanks!