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Segment your recipients by previous campaign activity


We have added some new filters for you to better segment your recipient list. It is now possible to filter contacts by campaign title, sent date and campaign activity (opens, clicks). 

We have also added filters about unsubscribe date and bounce reason. 

These filters are available in the Contacts > People section and while creating a new campaign.

You can find more information and use cases in our Knowledge Base 

Let us know about any feedback!

Segmenting lists/contacts - is this possible yet?

Are we able to tag contacts yet with different attributes in order to segment and send? 

If not, I assume this will be coming soon??

Thanks, James

Hjælp til segmentation i Pipedrive

Er der nogen herinde, som kan være behjælpelig med at indfri nogle spørgsmål vedrørende segmentation i Pipedrive? 

Possible to use Mixmax for email targeting by custom Contact tags / segments?

I'm looking to improve our company's ability to target Pipedrive contacts based on the segments we've identified (such as SQL, MQL, Customer, Evangelist, etc.). How are folks using the Mixmax integration to achieve this? Any suggestions?